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A Little Insight In The Creation Of A Nalu Bead

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Our creative duo Emma and Sarah help create our gorgeous beads. Emma our designer helps design our beads and then every so often Emma and Sarah meet and try out some designs. Sarah has a studio just down the road from us in Braunton so is our go to especially for making our custom Sand… Read more »

Hee Nalu Kauai

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Good Wave, Kauai

  The pacific island of Kauai, aka “Garden Isle” is a little tropical delight ideal for the sport of hee nalu (surfing). Kauai, the forth biggest island in the chain of Hawaiian islands has undeniable charm. Exploring Kauai reveals many natural valleys swathed in lush greens and beholds waterfalls, rivers, rainforests, rugged cliffs and craggy mountains with… Read more »