Get set for the festival season and make your very own headdress to wear at forthcoming festivals. Make your headdress unique by adding Nalu beads and some funky feathers. Embellish with anything from pompoms, scrap pieces of cord, shells and lace. Check out our guide below on how to make your own headdress for future festivals…. Read more »

The earliest dyes of this mystical colour date as far back as 1900BC. Purple dye was extracted from many thousands of shellfish and the result was only a few grams of purple dye. Due to this colour being difficult to make in large amounts, only royalty would have their clothes in this colour. This is… Read more »

It’s Love Your Planet Week! Celebrate the environmental charities we support. Our charity beads are gorgeous and the money donated from each sale is helping their cause. You can also help support our selected charities in other ways. You could join a beach clean, volunteer, sign a petition, fundraise or leave a gift in your… Read more »

Celebrating Earth Day brings our attention to conserving earth’s beauty and it’s health. Our current concern is the use of plastic on earth. Plastic contributes to landfill, is a hormone disruptor and can cause injury to marine life and animals on land. There is a push on increasing awareness on the destructiveness of plastic and educating people and businesses on… Read more »

Traveling the world is on many people’s bucket lists. Some dream about it while others take the plunge at some point and fall in love with distant shores. The most common time to pursue travel are before embarking on university or before starting a new job, while others wait until retirement before planning their great adventure…. Read more »

Love candy colours? They’re cheerful, fun and oh so summery! Look to tropical plants and native flowers for an array of colours to pick inspiration from and check out some of our candy coloured jewellery ideas for inspiration. Everything goes, even clashing colours are becoming popular and the the bolder the better. These candy colours are… Read more »

2018 is set to be a colourful year with on trend colours ranging from pastels, neutrals to punchy pops of colour. London Fashion Week often provides an indicator of the colours that will become popular in fashion and home interiors. This spring there’s a colour for everyone as there’s variety from bold shades to subtle… Read more »

We couldn’t resist adding a few more UK beads and we’ve decided on drawing on inspiration from the stunning islands that surround the UK. The islands that surround the UK are constantly met by sizeable waves due to low pressure systems out to sea. The ocean that sits around our green isles are far from… Read more »

Chokers have made a come back recently having been a popular choice of jewellery in the 90’s. If you’ve never seen them before, they are a tight fitting piece of jewellery that wraps around your neck. Our teal and brown wraps are one option to use as a choker as they can be simply cut… Read more »

Collecting beads to remind you of special memories spent at the beach or on the slopes is what Nalu is all about. Perhaps a new surf spot you’ve tried out made you love surfing even more or that snow trip you went on were full of laughs spent with your friends or family. They always say… Read more »