I’ve watched many surfing films, competitions and other surfers. The emphasis in competitions and films is the surfing itself. Radical turns, explosive airs and hanging ten! But there’s a hidden beauty. The majority of time spent surfing is actually paddling out to the line-up through relentless lines of white water and waves, turtle rolling or… Read more »

Okay here’s a little blog on how to make this lovely Nalu Mermaid Bracelet.  It looks complicated but once you get going it’s easy enough! We’ve made this bracelet with 3 different coloured threads but you could use more or it would work with just 2.  We are going to use the Classic Nalu knot… Read more »

Recently I packed up my boards and caught a flight to Lisbon, Portugal.  From there I picked up my hire car (even managed to blag a free upgrade!) and headed out on the IP6 then the A8 North to Peniche.  I’m into double figures of how many times I’ve done this route, and I always… Read more »

Our lovely team rider Corinne Evans is back for her fourth year of Girls Surf Tours and ready to get more girls and women surfing! Once again Nalu Beads are proud to be supporting the surf tour and holding workshops at all Surf Days this year! You could WIN a place on the Surf Tour… Read more »

Our Nalu Beads Wave bracelet looks awesome on the wrist and is super easy to make!  Here’s how… You will need a 1m and a 2m piece of thong, fold these in half and tie a loop at this half way point.  Attach this loop to your board or secure to a flat surface. Arrange… Read more »

Day 40 of Indoing in Indonesia and after the craziest thunderstorm I’ve ever seen last night the sun is shining its full rays once again… Our winter trip started on a very cold, wet and windy new years day with a 5am wake up call to Heathrow Airport.  Feeling fresh as a daisy after an early night and… Read more »

What a pleasure to be looking out of the window and see the lovely sunshine!  It feels like I haven’t seen very much of it at all lately. My absolute favourite way to wear my beads is in the form of an anklet…this is difficult during the winter months as my feet are permanently enclosed… Read more »

With everyone starting the New Year trying to banish the guilty pleasures of over indulgence, storm after storm hitting our shores and a daily drop in sea temp, I was feeling the need to take my annual migration South. A good friend of mine, Nigel Cross, invited me to check out his place in Morocco… Read more »

I awoke this morning to the start of the Sochi Winter Olympics…this gave me an idea.  I felt the need to make an Olympic Nalu bracelet. I selected the beads by the colours of the Olympic rings so I chose Maldives for the blue, Westward Ho! for the yellow, Spoon for the black, Crantock for… Read more »

Being new to the Nalu Beads team I took delivery of my first big bead order back in September.  As you can imagine this was a rather exciting day for me! They arrived, all nine thousand of them, package up neatly in their boxes and I took the task of unpacking them immediately. I couldn’t… Read more »