Wading through wave imagery, it’s a hard life! our designer, Emma, came up with the Perfect Wave bead. We thought that a perfectly peeling, barrelling, a-frame wave would be a perfect wave, so we decided that rolling an a-frame wave around a tube shaped bead would be a winning design for a jewellery piece. Silver… Read more »

(Image provided by Warm Winds Surfshop under the creative commons license. The original image can be viewed here.) The water is a little chilly and murky in the UK at the moment, so we love to daydream of warm tropical water and majestic clear glassy waves. We crave that uplifting feeling of being warmed by the… Read more »

Spring has sprung and we’re celebrating all things floral. Many of our beads are inspired by local flora and fauna, whether from the Scottish Highlands or warm tropical places. We love to take inspiration not only from water and coastline but the native flowers that line cliff tops or survive in the rocks or dunes…. Read more »

Ready made and ready to wear, here are some of the latest trio bracelets created by us. Our ready made bracelets measure approximately 21cm, but can be adjusted to fit most wrists. Each Nalu bead is hand made, so each will feel unique to you. We’ve put together some bracelets using inspiration from tropical travels and… Read more »

We love to seek out interesting, coast loving personalities to discover more about them and share their story with us. Sean Scott’s photography caught our attention, with captivating surf art photography and coastal vistas. Burleigh Heads and Coolangata, world renowned surfing spots in Australia are the ideal locations for him to showcase his work in… Read more »

We wanted to create a new traveller’s talisman, the Nalu Silver Compass, which we’ve put a lot of thought into. The shape of the Nalu Compass bead was important to us. We decided to create a circular bead as a circle represents feminine spirit or force. We think that nalu’s followers are strong and athletic types,… Read more »