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Italian Wanderlust – Creating Murano Glass Beads

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Bead Making

Our latest beads have been created for popular snow resorts in Italy. It’s fitting that we include these stunning resorts as the glass we use is named after the Murano island situated off mainland Italy. Glass making was moved to this island in fear that making glass and creating glass objects could set Venice on fire with its… Read more »

Nalu Ripple Bracelet

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Looking for a new bracelet design? Here’s a guide to making a Nalu Ripple bracelet. This uses the classic Nalu macrame knots with a weave of a different colour to add interest. What You Will Need 1 x 2 metre thong. We’re using turquoise cord. 2 x 1 metre thong – We’re using one piece… Read more »

Nalu Mermaid Bracelet!

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mermaid 1

Okay here’s a little blog on how to make this lovely Nalu Mermaid Bracelet.  It looks complicated but once you get going it’s easy enough! We’ve made this bracelet with 3 different coloured threads but you could use more or it would work with just 2.  We are going to use the Classic Nalu knot… Read more »

How to braid a Nalu Beads Wave Bracelet.

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Our Nalu Beads Wave bracelet looks awesome on the wrist and is super easy to make!  Here’s how… You will need a 1m and a 2m piece of thong, fold these in half and tie a loop at this half way point.  Attach this loop to your board or secure to a flat surface. Arrange… Read more »

Wrap & Roll Anklet,Bracelet,Necklace…you choose.

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Wrap Around

What a pleasure to be looking out of the window and see the lovely sunshine!  It feels like I haven’t seen very much of it at all lately. My absolute favourite way to wear my beads is in the form of an anklet…this is difficult during the winter months as my feet are permanently enclosed… Read more »