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.French Snow Jewellery

We’re reminiscing about carving turns on snow laded slopes and feeling the icy nip in the air pressing on our faces. Two more Snow beads have just arrived, including Tignes and Morzine. Our snow collection has been conjured up by thinking of icy mountains and snow pistes from around the World!

5 villages make up the Tignes, a French ski resort nestled in the French Alps moments away from the Italian border. One of it’s neighbours, Val D’Isere, which we have also created a bead for was the free-style skiing venue for the 1992 Winter Olympics.

We took inspiration from Tignes, capturing blue skies set above brilliant white snow. We firstly created a base bead made from white glass and then used a frit blend that the bead is then carefully rolled in and melted in using the lamp working flame. This creates a subtle spotty look capturing the blue hues in the sky and the shapes of snow falling through the sky. Our frit blend is created by picking different coloured shards of glass and is unique to this particular bead. Once the bead has cooled, we then take the bead through a further process involving a tumbling machine. This give the bead a very pleasing frosty matte finish.

Tignes Snow Jewellery

The market town and ski resort of Morzine found in the French Alps is located close to the Swiss border. This is a popular spot for skiing and snowboarding in the winter and a great place for mountain biking when the snow has melted.

Our Morzine bead is created using a gravity method. This produces a stunning swirling effect with a mixture of colours. We’ve captured the colours of the blue sky, snow and icy mountains on this new Murano glass bead. We’ve created this beautiful bead by making a bead in white Murano glass. We’ve then added a splash of dark turquoise to represent the sky and a dense black coloured glass to depict the colours found in the mountains and rocks. The glass is then heated at a high temperature and the madrel that the bead is wrapped around is twisted in the flame. A lovely marble effect is produced and due to the fluidity of the molten glass each bead can vary slightly making the bead even more unique! We then tumble the beads once it has cooled to room temperature or days later to give the bead a beautiful matte finish.



Snow Bead


Snow Jewellery

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