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Cornish beads

There’s a reason why Cornwall is visited by so many people and why people choose to move here. The sea is quietly inviting in the summer and in the winter there is a draw to be invited in by the stormy seas and Atlantic swells. Whether you’re a surfer, walker or wave watcher, there is so much to discover with bay after bay of dramatic beaches, with lively towns and quaint villages.

Newquay is the surfing hub of Cornwall offering a buzzing vibe in the summer and pulsing swells in the winter. The water has an inviting hue to it contrasting with white gold sandy beaches and dark cliffs with grassy tops. It’s been a long wait, but we finally have beads created for the popular Newquay Town beaches. We’re rather pleased with how they look and they are some of our favourite beads out of our whole collection.


(Tolcarne Nalu Bead)





Tolcarne Beach is stunning crescent shaped bay in lively Newquay, Cornwall. Stunning cliffs dominate as a backdrop to this family friendly beach. Tolcarne offers a lush sandy beach perfect for swimming, surfing and going for paddle in the crystal clear waters. It has great amenities including a café, surf school and surfboard hire nearby. There are many rock pools to explore at low tide and caves dotted along the border of the cliff. If bodyboarding is your thing, there is “Tolcarne Wedge” to kick your way into.

Our pretty Tolcarne Beach bead is made using two new speciality marble glasses in green and turquoise. We felt these colours represented the colours of the cliffs and sea just perfectly. It has then been decorated with an ivory and silver leaf stringer with fine silver wire melted in. A tool is then used to twist the stringer whilst the bead is held under an immensely hot flame. This creates the pattern of rolling waves. Dots of clear glass are then melted onto the wave shapes to represent the rock pools.

Towan Bead

(Towan Nalu bead)




Towan Beach, Cornwall sits in the heart of Newquay at the base of a very steep green hill. During the summer months Newquay is a hive of activity and in the winter months the activity settles with a core group of surfers and other water and beach users still devoted to using this beach when the temperatures dip. This is a lovely sandy beach which opens up to Tolcarne and Great Western at low tide. To the west you’ll find the harbour and to the east you’ll see “the island”. This is a rocky outcrop reached by a suspension bridge. The beach is really safe as the waters are watched by lifeguards all through the summer months. If you don’t feel up to a surf or swim or the waves aren’t playing game then there is always the Blue Reef Aquarium to keep the little people in you life or yourself entertained!

We’ve used a special turquoise marble glass to make the Towan Beach bead which represents the foaming sea and fluffy clouds in the blue skies. A stringer of ivory, silver leaf and yellow is then wrapped around and melted in, depicting the colours of the sand against the sea and sky. We’ve then added a single wave shape twisted in the middle.

Porth Bead

(Porth Nalu bead)



Cornish waves


Porth Beach is situated on the east side of Newquay on the north coast of Cornwall. Porth is a narrow beach which can feel sheltered due to the two headlands either side of the golden sandy beach. Porth Island lies just off the shore and is accessible by a narrow footbridge. There’s even a blowhole to observe, usually caught at mid tide. This is a great exploring beach and if you venture out onto the headlands you’ll be mesmerised with some of the most stunning views of the Atlantic and of the Cornish coast.

We’ve made our stunning Porth Beach bead in half purple marble glass and half green marble glass, these pastel colours portray the beautiful surrounding headlands. The bead is then carefully wrapped with a stringer of ivory glass and silver leaf with silver wire melted on top forming droplets of silver which shimmers like the glistening sea on a summers day.



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