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Fancy designing your own necklace, bracelet or anklet, but you don’t fancy making one. We’ll lovingly create it for you! Head to our custom made page, choose the jewellery type, then pick your beads, cord colour and fastener and we’ll braid it all together for you! We create your piece of jewelley using a classic knot which is slightly chunky looking, but still elegant. We also have a small selection of ready-made necklaces to choose from. Keep checking back on our ready-made necklace page as we’ll be adding new designs shortly. We’ve put together a few necklace options below for you to get an idea of the coloured cord options you could pick and the beads that could work well together. Enjoy creating your next unique piece of jewellery!


Beach Necklace






Necklaces Ready made Necklaces

Our Limited Edition Island Necklace uses a subtle sand shimmer cord combined with Tahiti, Canary Islands, Fiji, Bali and Maldives Surf beads with a Clear Spacer bead fastener. Our ready braided surf spot necklace measures approx 36cm (14″). They can be adjusted and also made to measure if you require a specific length.

The stunning Limited Edition Cornwall Surf Spot Necklace is made using a brown cord with Sennen, Gwithian, St Agnes, Porthtowan and Watergate Bay Surf beads with a Clear Spacer bead fastener. We’d love you to keep your Nalu beads forever so please don’t wear your necklace in the water as it may stretch and perish and colours in the cord may run. All of our beads are hand made so expect to see variations from those photographed. Both of these necklaces can be choosen from our Ready- Made section.


atlantic necklace

You don’t need loads of beads to fill up your necklace. Simply choose your favourite bead and place simple spacer beads either side of your main bead as shown above. The necklace above consists of two sand spacer beads with an Atlantic bead braided onto sand shimmer cord. A clear spacer at the end of the necklace helps to make fastening you necklace easy peasy!

tropical necklace

This necklace is sure to make you smile with gorgeous bright coloured beads all sharing blue shades of Murano glass. A neutral sand coloured cord lets the beads stand out and show their vibrancy. If you have lots of beads and want to wear them all at the same time, then a necklace is the way to go!


Again using beads that share a similar hue of colour helps unify the necklace. Photographed above is another vibrant necklace using Murano glass colours such as emerald green, teal green, mosaic green, grass green and olive green. Green is known as the colour of life and is associated with renewal, nature, energy and growth. This colour can be related to harmony and has a freshness to it. Try picking a colour that you love or that you love the meanings associated with it. Then create a necklace encompassing the beads that share you chosen colour.


Tan cord is another colour that is subtle enough to make you Nalu beads stand out! This necklace has a mixture of highly polished beads mixed in with very tactile matte finished beads, like the Isle of Wight bead. This bracelet has beads that share circular formations. When making the beads our bead maker adds the dots by dabbing a glass rod or stringer to the outside of the bead. The dots are raised on the bead to start with, then our bead maker will then melt the dots by rotating the bead in the lamp-working flame. Then raised dots found on some of the beads are simply added at the end of making the bead but are not melted in.

yellow necklace

Using double the amount of cord usually used for braiding bracelets and necklaces creates a chunky effect. The pale lemon yellow cord lets the colours from this Essaouira bead and the orange spacer beads pop! Try out this chunky look using any colours from our cord collection and mix in with a spacer bead set.






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