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Beach Sand Beads


September is sand month at Nalu, so from now on we’re embracing anything sand related.

Keep a pinch of sand from your favourite North Devon beach with you forever. So you’ve surfed your favourite North Devon surf spot and now you can keep a bit of that beach with you forever! You can choose your favourite beach and we’ll add just a tiny pinch of sand from that beach to be rolled into a Murano glass Nalu bead. You can choose to have sand in your bead from any of the following beaches – Westward Ho!, Saunton, Croyde, Putsborough and Woolacombe. We can create one of these North Devon beach beads for £14.95.

Sand bead bracelets

Featured above – Baby Blue Putsborough Sand bead, sand spacers, silver stopper beads, turquoise rubber & silver bracelet carrier with a silver circular clasp (pictured left). Grey Westward Ho! bead on a silver Tulang Naga bracelet carrier with two silver Devon Coastline beads (pictured right).

baby blue bead apple bead

There are eight lush glass colours to choose from so pick your favourite from Apple Green, Grey, Baby Blue, Lavender, Sea Glass Green, Amber, Dark Blue or Clear. Each pinch of sand will react differently so every bead will be completely unique! Sand can be made up of different coloured components such as white, black, green and pink depending on the location of the beach. In some tropical locations the sand can be mainly made up of reef living organisms. Shells and skeletons of reef living creatures and pieces of coral can dictate the colour of the sand. These beaches often have little quartz and are mainly made up of calcium carbonate making the sand appear very white. You can often find in striking contrast to this, black sand. Black sand can often be found in volcanic areas and some spots such as in Hawaii can even have green sand. This happens when erosive forces seperate the mineral olivine. Our North Devon Sand beads will look different from each other as some may produce more of a bubbly effect than others. That makes them even more interesting to look at at!


Sand bead bracelets


Featured above – Both bracelets shown are silver Tulang Naga bracelet carriers with silver stopper beads. The left bracelet is made up of a Grey Westward Ho! sand bead, with an amber Woolacombe bead and apple green Croyde bead. The right bracelet is made up of frosted yellow spacer beads and an amber Woolacombe bead.

sand bead colours

We hand make these beads to order here in Devon making your bead even more special and it’s fun to be able to pick a glass colour that you love! Please allow at least 14 days for the arrival of your bead from the time of ordering!

Sand Beads Sand Beads

If you want your own sand to be used from a beach you’ve been to we can also create a Murano glass bead for you rolled in the sand you’ve picked. Often when you’ve visited a beach sand gets in you trainers or bag. You can use this sand for your bead. instead of taking sand deliberately from a beach. We only require a small amount. You can still pick from the colours as mentioned. As the composition of sand can vary from beach to beach they may react differently to our North Devon beads. Some sand needs metal extracting from them and may require a trial and error approach, so we’ve priced these at £19.95.


If you’d like us to braid a bracelet with your new Sand bead we can do this for you for an additional £5. You can place your order by emailing us at or phoning us – 01271 817614. We can take card and Paypal payments. Regrettably we can’t take checks a payment method.

These Sand beads are a lovely thing to cherish and means you’ll always have a piece of your favourite beach near to you!



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