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County beads

Introducing the Devon County Bead…

Each of our county bead collections are made a handful at a time by lamp working artisans in England. These are our first beads to be made in the UK making them even more special! They are beautifully made with a wave design embellished around their circumference and are rolled in a special ingredient giving a sparkly appearance. We’re delighted to showcase our county beads that share a similar wave pattern but have differing two tone colours.

Devon county beads

We couldn’t resist starting with the Devon County bead that depicts the green Devon county flag and the stunning green fields that surround our most prized surfing breaks. The lush greens gave us the idea to have a green bead made up, half of a dark green and the other half of apple green. Each county bead has been rolled in a special ingredient to give it sparkle and has a white line running through its circumference which has been twisted into a wave shape to represent the waves that reach the coastline.

Devon County Bead

There’s more to Devon then clotted cream teas and the home of Nalu. Devon boasts two coasts set either side of green rolling fields of farmland, woods, moors and with quaint towns and villages dotted around with the biggest proportion of people living on the coast. The North Coast relies on big Atlantic Swells and is the main coast for surfing. Croyde is the most well known of breaks with its bay rounding up swells and releasing into powerful waves. Saunton and Westward Ho! offer more gentle waves for beginners and longboarders. The recently awarded Woolacombe bursts to life in the summer months with tourist attracted to its long sandy family friendly beach, while secret spots around the craggy coastline come to life in specific conditions. The East Devon and South Devon coast provides more fickle surf with spots such as Sidmouth sometimes firing up mainly in the winter months. Spots such a Bantham situated on the river Avon estuary has more reliable surf with its sandy beach and surrounding green banks catering for beach goers and the abundant wildlife.

Devon County Bead

To buy one of our Devon County beads head over to Devon County Bead.

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Devon CoastlineDevon

(Pictured above – Devon Coastline bead on a white plaited leather and silver bracelet.)


(Pictured above – Devon Coastline bead on a brown plaited leather and silver bracelet.)


Devon Bead Devon Coast jewellery

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