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Nalu Wraps

Our leather wraps are the easiest way to wear you Nalu Beads and are priced at £14.95. Simply push on your beads, wrap around your wrist, ankle or neck, push one end through the cut end, tie and cut to size. You don’t have to un-knot your wrap each time you take it off, the knot you’ve made can be simply pushed back through the cut (at the text end). The cut is big enough for you to push the knot through when you want to take your jewellery off, but it is also small enough that when you’re wearing your bracelet it doesn’t come apart. They’re great as a gift as you don’t have to find out the size of the recipients wrist, ankle neck and they get to choose where they wear it.

Nalu Wrap Wrap Jewellery

Our new Leather Wraps are made up of a flat leather stamped with the text ‘DISCOVER EXPLORE NALU’. It can be cut to your desired length and worn as an anklet, bracelet or necklace and is compatible with most of our glass and silver beads. Wrap it round a couple of times or trim so it only goes round once…the choice is yours! Below are some ideas on how to wear your wrap. Try them out as a necklace, anklet or bracelet and wind them around multiple times for a layered look.

Peruse our wraps in the Cord section. Our Leather Wraps come in brown, teal, olive and magenta, so take your pick! Our leather product are of course a natural product and will rot if exposed to moisture. We advise that you don’t wear it in the shower/swimming/surfing or expose to perfumes or lotions.

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