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We had an exciting opportunity to be featured in a new book by Elma Pluim which covers tutorials on amazing bohemian macramé pieces. Her tutorials include the creation of bags, telephone covers, belts and Nalu bracelets. Pictured below is the front cover of the book with a gorgeous Nalu Snow bracelet that Elma has created. If you fancy trying out some new macramé projects then grab yourself your very own Elma Pluim Macramé book, available to buy now.

We interviewed Elma to discover a little more about her and where she gathers inspiration for her projects.

Macrame book


Tell us about your latest book.

My new book is full of do it yourself macramé projects. My first book was all about making macramé objects for your home such as pillows en wall decoration. This new book is all about accessories for yourself like bracelets, wallets and bags.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m 37 years old and live in a town near Rotterdam in the Netherlands. I live with my boyfriend and our 2 kids, a boy and a girl at the age of 10 and 8. I work as a fashion designer for Zeeman and I design kids clothing. From since I can remember I’ve been making things and I have a creative mind. I love all sorts of handcraft as long as I can use my creativity.


What other books have you made?

This is the second book. My first one is called Macramé.

Why do you love Macramé?

I love working with yarn and fabrics. Macramé is an easy technique to get a great result. I love the structure your work gets and I love varying with the rope from super thin to super thick. Also it’s a great technique to (once you get the basics) improvise while you work. Just get started and make up your design as you go.

What has been your  favourite Macramé project?

I think this would be the pillow from my first book and the phone purse from my second book.


Which of your tutorials would be the easiest to try out and the hardest to try out?

When you just start with macramé I would advise you to start with the bracelets. This way you can learn some of the basic knots and get a quick and beautiful result which will encourage you to make more. The tablet sleeve and phone purse will ask more of your perseverance.

Have you got any future projects you’d like to try?

I already have some new ideas popping up in my head. And I would like to make some more projects using Cavandoli Macramé.


Where do you get inspiration for your projects from?

Everywere. The street, my kids, my friends and also from new assignments. I can’t just make nothing. It’s not only macramé but sometimes I want to paint or sew or knit etc. New thinks to make just pop into my head.

macramé phone cover

Did you enjoy using Nalu beads to create some of your projects in the book?

Yes I loved working with Nalu beads! The beads are beautiful and you can see they are unique and different from the fabric beads you can buy in the craft store. Also I think it’s a great concept that every bead tells a story and belongs to a place in the world. The suede cord is also of very good quality it makes perfect knots and it’s soft but strong.


Do you have any other hobbies other than Macrame?

Besides other crafts I also like running and sports. In summer we like to go on a trip with our camper and go to places with a lake or the ocean so we can SUP and windsurf.

Do you have any plans to bring out any future books?

Not yet, but that’s what I thought last time and now, a year later, book 2 is coming out.


To buy your own copy of Macramé Accessoires head bol.com. You can also follow follow Pluim on Instagram for any new events @elmapluim.

Macramé book


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