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Purple beads and bracelets

The earliest dyes of this mystical colour date as far back as 1900BC. Purple dye was extracted from many thousands of shellfish and the result was only a few grams of purple dye. Due to this colour being difficult to make in large amounts, only royalty would have their clothes in this colour. This is why purple is synonymous with royalty and important wealthy people. This colour is therefore also representative of nobility and luxury. Violet sits between 430 and 390 billionths of a meter on the visible colour spectrum. As it’s the most powerful wavelength of all colours it is considered to have relevance to the supernatural.


Spirituality, magic, dignity and creativity are some of the other words synonymous with the colour purple. Different shades of purple are indicative of different meanings. Lighter shades of purple are representative of romance and being light -hearted. A dark shade of purple relates more to dignity and intellect. Different people and different cultures will view this colour as having either a happy vibe or more of a negative vibe. Some negative meanings related to purple include decadence, pomposity, conceit and is often associated with mourning.


Is purple your favourite colour? If so, add a splash of purple to a bracelet or go all out and choose a purple coloured cord with purple beads. Some of the purple coloured Murano glass we apply to our beads include; periwinkle, light and dark lavender and we have frit blends with hints of purple. Check out some of our purple inspiration form nature and in clothing with some ideas for purple beads and bracelets below.

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(Pictured above from left to right- Chapel Porth, Bude and Cribbar on a silver and white plaited bracelet carrier with stopper beads and a Nalu Clasp.)

Purple Purple in Nature Purple Murano glass beads

(Pictured from left to right –  The Cribbar, Bude, Lafetinia, Jeffreys Bay and Aspen.)

purple themed bracelet

(Pictured above from left to right- Clear spacer, Hossegor, Lafitenia, clear spacer on Thistle cord.)

Purple Beads

(Pictured above left to right – Aspen, Mawgan Porth and Kauai.)

Candy Coloured Braclet

(Pictured above – Jeffreys Bay on a hot pink rubber bracelet carrier.)

Bright bracelet(Pictured above Cape St. Francis with Orange Sand Spacers either side on thistle cord.)

key ring

(Key ring pictured above with Chapel Porth either side side of a Bude bead on thistle cord.)

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