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Get set for the festival season and make your very own headdress to wear at forthcoming festivals. Make your headdress unique by adding Nalu beads and some funky feathers. Embellish with anything from pompoms, scrap pieces of cord, shells and lace. Check out our guide below on how to make your own headdress for future festivals.

Nalu Headdress

You will need:


3x Nalu beads

1x spacer bead for fastening your headdress

3x 5m lengths of cord of your choice

1x 2m length of cord to braid on

Some embellishments – feathers, felt and shells



  1. Fold your 2m length cord in half and tie a knot to make a loop at the top- this will be used for fastening the headdress.
  2. Get your 3 lengths of 4mcord and find the middle of them. Tie them onto the 2m length cord approximately a quarter of the way down from the loop.
  3. Decide where you would like your beads to go. You can attach them onto your headband or have the beads hanging down from the loose cord tassels.
  4. Now you can start your nalu classic braid. The looser the knot the wider the band.
  5. Keep checking your headband against your head so that you make it the right length and to make sure that the beads are placed in the position you want.
  6. When you have reached the required length you can leave it loose with the tassels hanging down to attach beads or shells or knot it tighter and cut off the ends.
  7. You can now attach your spacer bead onto the 2m cord, measure it around your head to make sure that it is a good fit. (the spacer bead can be adjusted at anytime to alter your headdress)
  8. Now your embellishment can be attached to your headdress.

We’re now offering our Festival Headdress Kit at a special price of £10.00. This complete kit has everything you need to make your own awesome Festival Headdress! Complete with the Barricane, Supertubos and Westward Ho! beads, two feathers, 3m of Royal Blue cord, 3m of Tan cord, 3m of Neon Yellow cord and instructions on how to get started. Get creative and be the first to get festival ready for 2018! Get your kit here.




Below are a few options to make your festival headdress stand out! Use a mixture of coloured cord and braid loosely to create a more chunky headband and go all out with some feathers.

Festival Headdress Yellow Headdress


Festival Fetival


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