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It’s Love Your Planet Week! Celebrate the environmental charities we support. Our charity beads are gorgeous and the money donated from each sale is helping their cause. You can also help support our selected charities in other ways. You could join a beach clean, volunteer, sign a petition, fundraise or leave a gift in your will to help support Surfers Against Sewage. If you care about our coastline then contributing in the way you feel comfortable with will help keep our oceans healthy and will make you feel great!. You can donate to Marine Connection or spread the word about their cause. Many of the charities we support are dedicating work to educate about reducing the amount of plastic we use. Being more mindful of what we buy and what we discard and recycle can help their causes.

NATURE Beach Cleans Marine Connection

Nalu has created beads to represent Surfers Against Sewage and most recently Marine Connection. Our Surfers Against Sewage bead was designed by Nalu fan, Judi Sainsbury, while our Marine Connection bead was designed by Edd Hewitt. Both designers won in a design a bead competition. These Nalu fan’s designs were chosen amongst many other beautiful designs, but these stood out as they best represented each charity.

The money donated to Surfers Against Sewage will help towards protecting the UK’s oceans, waves and beaches through community action, campaigning, volunteering, conservation, education and scientific research. Check out the Surfers Against Sewage website for more information at

Our Marine Connection bead will support their work towards important campaigning and to help them protect the amazing mammals found in the wild. Find out more about the wonderful work that Marine Connection does at

For each sale of a charity bead we will donate £2 to that charity. We have also crafted together charity macramé bracelets ready to wear. To read more about the charities we support head over to our product pages below.


Surfers Against Sewage Braceelt

Marine Connection

Marine Connection Bracelet

Surfers Against Sewage



We are currently collaborating with Plastic Oceans and Plastic Free North Devon to create two new charity beads.

Plastic Oceans help to change attitudes towards plastic. Entanglement, ingestion, habitat destruction and the act of invasive species all adds to the importance of reducing plastic waste. The amazing Jo Ruxton who is the executive director and co-founder of Plastic Oceans came to visit our team based in Braunton, North Devon to discuss the design details for a new charity bead to represent Plastic Oceans.

Jo was an absolute joy to meet and opened our eyes to the effects that plastic has in our marine environment. We were perplexed by a tub that Jo had brought with her which contained many pieces of plastic. The plastic in the tub was discovered inside a deceased albatross. It was enough to probably fill the birds entire stomach and it’s sad to think humans have caused a death to a beautiful creature indirectly by polluting our ocean with plastic. Jo explained that plastic is having detrimental effects to our environment and marine health.

Plastic is being passed through the food chain. The bigger mammals in the sea have the highest amounts of plastic in their bodies because they are not only ingesting plastic, they are ingesting smaller creatures who have ingested plastic themselves. Plastic is hydrophobic, so floats to the top of the ocean, and is broken down by waves and the sun into micro-plastics. This makes them even easier to be ingested by smaller marine creatures, but also the micro-plastics attract toxins which cause diseases in humans and marine creatures. Jo Ruxton helped with the production of A Plastic Ocean film. The film is beautifully curated and is an eye opener. It’s harrowing to think we are damaging the ocean and beach environment. Many of us happen to go about our lives without consideration of the effects that plastic has once discarded  Check out the trailer for A Plastic Ocean here.

A Plastic Ocean from WCFF on Vimeo.

Visit Plastic Oceans.


Watch this space for the new Plastic Oceans and Plastic Free North Devon bead!

Surfers Against Sewage


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