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Celebrating Earth Day brings our attention to conserving earth’s beauty and it’s health. Our current concern is the use of plastic on earth. Plastic contributes to landfill, is a hormone disruptor and can cause injury to marine life and animals on land. There is a push on increasing awareness on the destructiveness of plastic and educating people and businesses on reducing their plastic use. Educating at school level is of great importance as these are the leaders of tomorrow.

Earth Day is the 22nd April, so we’ve picked an idea for each day of the week to celebrate Earth Day for you to try. If everyone makes small changes, this will lead to massive changes resulting in us collectively making a difference. Here are some simple ideas to help Earth and to get you closer to nature.

1. Monday

Walk, cycle or car share to work. You have to get to work, so why not use getting there as an opportunity to exercise. You’ll be reducing the amount of pollutants entering the air and you gain the benefits of exercising or paying less on petrol and diesel depending on which methods you choose.


2. Tuesday

Embrace nature by getting into it physically. Go to the park, plan a hike or jump in the sea. Celebrate nature and enjoy all it offers. You’ll feel great for getting fresh air and moving your body.



3. Wednesday

Ditch Plastic. You could take your own coffee cup. If you have a coffee shop or coffee van near work or when you’re out and about, take your own cup or thermos with you instead of using a throw away cup. If you drink water or soft drinks try to think about ways of reducing your use of plastic. Perhaps you could try drinking tap water. Filtering the water in a water jug or using a bottle that filters the water could help with reducing your plastic use.

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4. Thursday

Plant something. Plant a tree in your garden or plant a cactus to put on your desk at home or at work. Not only is it good for the environment, but the act of planting and taking care or a plant is cathartic. There is a biophilia hypothesis that suggests humans like to feel connected to nature and living things. Plants can help remove toxins in you home and work environment and make your living space more enjoyable. Planting in your garden provides places for critters and animals to live in or provide food for them.


5. Friday

Recycle and think about what you throw away. Try to recycle as much as you can and and look at everything before you throw it away. If there are parts of the packaging that can be recycled mixed in with parts you can’t, then try to separate the packaging instead of throwing all of it away. You sometimes for example get a plastic window on an envelope – rip the plastic part out and carry on recycling the paper part.


6. Saturday

Be conscious of what you buy. Some places around the country are trying to go plastic free and companies can making simple alterations to their packaging to make a difference. Here at Nalu we have been using our recyclable cardboard gift boxes since we started and have now changed all of our packaging to cardboard.  Making simple alterations with what you buy can reduce plastic use. When you go food shopping, try to pick veg and fruit that isn’t wrapped in plastic. These days there are many items wrapped in plastic to protect fruit and vegetables. If you’re picking items that you need to put in a bag, try taking a reusable bags. If you buy plastic straws think about whether you actually need them. You could buy an alternative such as wheat drinking straws that are biodegradable, compostable, non toxic and chemical free. You can even get titaniumm straws perfect and suitable for bars and restaurants. Think about not using plastic cotton buds and choose bamboo toothbrushes over disposable plastic toothbrushes. Being mindful and looking at how items are packaged will help towards you making changes. The way you buy will also slowly affect the way your local store buys goods in.

7. Sunday

Fed up of staying in at the weekend. You could get the benefits of being in the fresh air and getting exercise while helping protect beaches by joining in the community and getting involved in beach cleans. Our local community organisation is Plastic Free North Devon who regularly hold events to help keep our countryside plastic free.  Head over to the Surfers Against Sewage website to find out about your nearest beach clean. If you want some extra brownie points and if you’re heading out for a walk or surf, pick up any rubbish you see so that the environment is safer and cleaner.


We hope you enjoy celebrating Earth Day, get out there enjoy nature whatever the weather throws at you! Take on a few of our suggestions and it will make you more mindful of your natural environment and what earth gives you for free.

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