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Love candy colours? They’re cheerful, fun and oh so summery! Look to tropical plants and native flowers for an array of colours to pick inspiration from and check out some of our candy coloured jewellery ideas for inspiration. Everything goes, even clashing colours are becoming popular and the the bolder the better.

Nalu Bracelets Nalu Bracelets

These candy colours are on trend, but that’s not why we love them. They’re bright and uplifting, perfect for spring and summer. Treat your bracelet with some candy coloured cords. Our cord reels are available in 3m lengths which is enough required to make a macramé bracelet. The four main types of macramé braiding include the simple knot, classic, woven and the wave. Pick the type of weave you’d like to try, then head to our YouTube video tutorials.

The Simple Knot

The Classic

The Wave

The Woven

Bright bracelet

We have several cord colours for you to choose from including our candy coloured ones of thistle, turquoise, lemon, and pastel pink.  If you don’t fancy making your own bracelet or necklace consider our options using a clasp and silver and leather bracelet carriers.  You can simply pop candy coloured beads on and you can change your beads around with ease. Check out our gorgeous ready made bracelets or you could use our custom bracelet page where you can simply pick your beads, cord and fastener and then we’ll make your jewellery piece for you! Here are a few bracelets, beads and images to inspire you.

Colourful bracelets

The bracelets above use lemon yellow cord, turquoise and thistle. You can then use subtle beads such as the snow beads to contrast with a candy colour or use similar coloured beads such a Ischgl on a lemon coloured cord.

Candy Colours Candy Colours Candy Colours Surf & Snow Bracelets

We’ve chosen the snow beads Banff and Aspen either side of the Jackson Hole bead on a thistle cord for some clashing colours. Pictured below we’ve added a Nalu Silver Compass onto turquoise cord with the arctic ocean bead and the Whistler bead.

Candy bracelet colourful brcelet Colourful bracelet UK Islands

If you love a more subtle bracelet with harmonious colours try teaming the Isle of man, Isle of Wight and Isles of Scilly on a turquoise cord.

colourful jewellery


Cornwall Jewellery

The turquoise leather and silver bracelet above features our most recent releases – PoldhuSandymouth, and Trevone held in place by a set of stopper beads. The turquoise adds a pop of candy colour!Candy Coloured Braclet

Pink Bracelet

We hope this gets you inspired to experiment and try combining some colours you thought you’d never try. Try experimenting with different jewellery ideas such as changing your usual necklace to a choker design or a longer necklace than you’d normally wear. Even try your hand at a headband perfect for summer festivals. The spring and summer provoke creativity so try something different and be daring with colour!

Surf Necklaces


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