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2018 is set to be a colourful year with on trend colours ranging from pastels, neutrals to punchy pops of colour.

London Fashion Week often provides an indicator of the colours that will become popular in fashion and home interiors. This spring there’s a colour for everyone as there’s variety from bold shades to subtle shades commonly found in nature. Last year green was an on-trend colour nodding to the biophilia hypothesis that humans need a connection to greenery and nature.

Some of the more striking and punchy shades include Cherry Tomato and Lime Punch. Cherry Tomato is a warm attention grabbing colour whilst Lime Punch is a hit of citrus colour. There are more classic shades that seem to never go out of fashion. These include the beach inspired colours of Sailor Blue, Harbor Mist, Warm Sand and Coconut Milk. Pale pinks appear to feature as a possible trend. Soft, understated and charming shades of pink and purple are a popular palette. The Pantone colours of Pink Lavender, Rapture Rose and Blooming Dahlia make a subtle statement. There are the grounding colours of Ash Rose and Nile Green which give off a sense of calm and then there is the rich, warm burgundy colour of Spiced Apple. To stir feelings of comforting sunny skies and alluding to the change from winter to spring are the colours of Meadowlark, a sunny yellow, Ultraviolet and Palace Blue which has a certain energy to it. We think we may all need to surround ourselves in one of these three colours to help us wake up after a long winter.


Colour trend 2018


Colour trend 2018


Blooming Dahlia

Pantone colour Blooming Dahlia. This is a pretty, gentle and feminine shade. Our pink cord bracelet shown above uses beads with pink hues and features Cortina d’Ampezzo, White Out and Oahu.

Colour trend 2018


Ultra Violet

Here’s a great bracelet using 3m of Thistle cord with Japan, Anglet and Aspen Murano glass beads. This bracelet represents the Pantone colour Ultra Violet.

Pantone Meadowlark

Yellow Bracelet

Pantone colour Meadowlark is named after a grassland bird. On the ground it is camouflaged with it’s black brown colourings, but when seen perched up high, a bright flash of a summer yellow feathers can be seen on it’s under belly. Pictured above is Austria’s Mayrhofen. The sunny and bright bracelet above includes 3m lemon yellow cord, Ischgl and two frosted yellow spacers from our tropical mix spacer beads.

Sea Inspired Bracelet

Our Turquoise Spring Pantone bracelet pictured above includes a Lapis coloured spacer bead similar to the Pantone colour Sailor Blue. This bracelet uses colours found in crashing waves and has Silver Surf Spacers with “nalu”, “surf” and “waves” engraved on them.

Cherry Red

Pantone Colour Cherry Tomato is a colour that demands attention and is bold and full of life. On a coral red bracelet the pinks and oranges from Lanai, Cervinia and Ischgl make a statement bracelet.

Blue pantone

Blues seem to never go out of fashion especially classic blues. The Pantone colours for the following seasons encompass some classic blues as well as bright energising blue shades. Look out for Palace Blue and Sailor Blue through the upcoming seasons. Other nautical colours to keep an eye out in fashion are the colours Harbor Mist, Warm Sand and Coconut Milk Pantone colours. Pictured above are our collection of charity beads on turquoise cord.

As spring sets in start thinking of refreshing your environment, clothes and jewellery with flashes of daring or muted tones to suit your personality and tastes. Enjoy experimenting and even try out some clashing colours to break old colour combo trends.

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