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We couldn’t resist adding a few more UK beads and we’ve decided on drawing on inspiration from the stunning islands that surround the UK. The islands that surround the UK are constantly met by sizeable waves due to low pressure systems out to sea. The ocean that sits around our green isles are far from exotic, but chilly waters and big swells still entice keen surfers.

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Isles of Scilly

Off the Cornish coast into the icy British waters are the Isles of Scilly. These are a group of inhabited islands which include St Mary’s. St Martin’s, Bryher and St Agnes. The Isles of Scilly are not necessarily regarded as top surfing destinations, but their glory lies in the diverse sea creatures that swim beneath the surface of the water. Snorkeling and diving provide an opportunity to explore these waters and a spot of windsurfing can be enjoyed as these little islands are exposed to winds. The archipelago lies around 28 miles off of Lands End.  The colours of the islands and the surrounding sea inspired our Isles of Scilly bead. This bead uses a speciality glass of Lapis Blue and Ivory. We created depth in the bead to represent the depths of the surrounding sea by encasing the bead in clear glass and adding a secret ingredient to add sparkle. There are random white dots added to the outside of the bead to represent the islands that sit out in the chilly waters.

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Isle of Man

World renowned, the Isle of Man TT Motorcycle event sees motorcyclists haring along Isle on Man’s meandering roads. This island is located between Great Britain and Ireland in the Irish Sea the and is also well known for some good surf spots. We took inspiration for creating the Isle of man bead by studying this island’s stunning and rugged land. Rugged coastline and moorland contrasts with sandy beaches. The crashing sea and the moorland made us think of adding greens and whites to this bead. We used a colour called Caribbean Sea that when heated creates a random mix of these colours. To portray sparkle seen in the sea from the sun rays we’ve added an ingredient to give the bead sparkle. As with the Isles of Scilly bead we’ve tried to create depth and interest by using a coloured glass as a base and adding a clear glass over the top.

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Picture below from left to right is the Isle of Man and the Isles of Scilly.

British Isles

Isle of Wight

57 miles of varied coastline lies around the perimeter of the Isle of Wight. The island has beautiful clear waters, hidden coves, rugged cliffs, sand and shingle beaches. This intriguing island is located off the south of England in the English Channel. Our bead designer took inspiration form the chalk cliffs and decided to use a glass that when etched has a matte cream finish. Lapis and Sky Blue glass were added to indicate the chalky blue waters surrounding the island. These colours were then twisted to indicate a wave formation. Green dots were added around the bead to represent the lush green found in the coastal landscape.

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Isle of Wight


The Atlantic groundswells provide powerful waves to the Channel Islands. One of the Channel Islands, Jersey, was once regarded as the surf capitol of Europe. Jersey sits between England and France and has great surf due to being exposed. There are plenty surfing spots to choose from making this a great destination for surfers. The scenic coastline with it’s varied colourful fauna and flora made us decide to use a frit blend. A frit blend is made up of lots of tiny shards of coloured glass. We hand pick a combination of coloured glass specifically for the Channel Islands beads. The Jersey bead is rolled in the frit blend while it is still hot and then a clear glass is added over the top giving the bead depth and interest. We picked a gorgeous combination of coloured glass for the frit blend including Aqua marine, Emerald and Yellow Ochre.

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Sitting off the coast of Normandy, Guernsey can have quality surf with the right conditions. Guernsey has the most gorgeous scenery and beaches so we couldn’t resist adding this bead to our ever growing collection. Both our Jersey and Guernsey beads share the same hand picked frit blend. However, to vary this bead from the Jersey bead we decided to use a pea green to melt the frit blend into. The pea green was chosen to represent the lush green vegetation.

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