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Chokers have made a come back recently having been a popular choice of jewellery in the 90’s. If you’ve never seen them before, they are a tight fitting piece of jewellery that wraps around your neck. Our teal and brown wraps are one option to use as a choker as they can be simply cut to size. One end of the leather wrap can be pushed into the opposite end slit, so a knot can be tied to fasten it. If you’re feeling more adventurous, try a Macramé choker with either beads or silver pieces added. Chokers can also look great by using just a single piece of cord that can be wrapped once or twice around your neck. Try a  single 3m piece of cord with a single piece of silver, such as our Nalu Silver Chime Ball or Silver Compass. If you love colour and want to make a statement, try adding lots of beads in bright colours. You can use our YouTube video as guidance, however you will need to use 4m pieces so that you have enough to braid to the length required to wrap around your neck..


Choker necklace

Here are some Choker jewellery ideas worn by wakeboarder Lex Balladon. Pictured here is a single piece of black cord wrapped around twice with a Nalu Silver Chime Ball simply threaded on. The Nalu Silver Chime Ball contains a small bell inside that with a small amount of movement makes a soft chime noise. It is believed that the sound that is emitted is meant to bring a sense of calm to the wearer.

Choker Jewellery


Choker jewellery


Choker with Chime Ball


Choker Necklace


Surf jewellery

Lex wears a subtle Macramé choker made from grey shimmer cord, with two ice spacers set either side of a Whiteout bead. Go to our Youtube video for guidance on how to braid.

Macramé Choker

This sand cord choker uses S.A.S, Rest Bay,Trebarwith, Putsborough, Bigbury, Isle of Wight, Bournemouth, Nazaré, Tahiti and Fiji. If you’ve collected many beads over the years using them on a choker is the best way to get to wear all your beads at once! (Model pictured below photographed by Mikala Wilbow.)

Surf Jewellery

As with all Nalu jewellery pieces you can pick the coloured cord and leather that you love and the beads and silver that are most important to you. This makes your choker unique to you and your adventures.

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