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Collecting beads to remind you of special memories spent at the beach or on the slopes is what Nalu is all about. Perhaps a new surf spot you’ve tried out made you love surfing even more or that snow trip you went on were full of laughs spent with your friends or family. They always say life is short, so creating memories and experiences in your life will make life more fulfilling. Memories are a strong thing. You could be going about your day and a simple smell, sight or touch can provoke you into reliving a memory. A memory can make you feel everything you felt on a special day.

Nalu is all about collecting memories from our favourite places and wearing them close! In the same way that each and every one of our beads is unique, so is your collection, no two bracelets will ever be the same. It’s always nice to keep an eye on positive moments in the past, but also to dream of your future, so it’s a lovely idea to have a bead representing a place in the world that you aspire to visit.

Here’s a story told through a Nalu beads bracelet.


“Here’s the story behind Mums bracelet… it all started on a holiday to Woolacombe in North Devon, hot summer days lazing on the beach, surfing fun little peaks!

Next is Padstow, love this quaint little harbour village, strolling the narrow streets, browsing stores brimming with art, eating fish ’n chips whilst fighting off the seagulls.

The Atlantic Ocean in the middle, we’ve spent many a warm summers evening staring out over it from the north Cornish and Devon coasts.

Who can forget that winter holiday in Davos, waking up to the most beautiful snowy mountain scenery imaginable and feeling on top of the world!

The last bead is Bali, this is our ‘bucket list’ bead… a reminder to book our trip to Bali together soon!

Finally the Silver Shell Toggle fastens it, mum cannot resist scouring every beach she visits to add to her shell collection!”

Travel Bracelet


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