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No matter how many times you ask your mum or someone who takes the role of your mum, What would you like for Mother’s Day? Is the reply always “I don’t want or need anything”? Most mums are selfless and never want to be a burden and if they do hint to a gift it’s quite often a small gesture of a gift or it’s very practical. However, we know they love a hand made gift. Think of those Mother’s Day cards you made in primary school, generally made with copious amounts of glue and glitter. Why does she love it so much? Because you made it and you spent time creating it. Well we’ve put together some ideas for a more grown up hand made gift. You can still get the card, glue and glitter out if you so wish. We think a gift made with Nalu beads would make a memorable gift on a special day.

Mother's Day Gifts

The 90’s trend of chokers is making a come back. If you missed this 90’s trend, they were a necklace that fitted closely to your neck. A single bead or piece of Nalu silver would make a subtle addition to a choker. We’ve tried out some ideas including a very simple choker that looks great. Using a single piece of cord and using silver such as the Nalu Silver Chime Ball or silver spacers would create a simple yet pretty choker. A chunky choker (see pictured below) using several beads or a few beads would create a statement piece that’s on trend. Our teal and brown leather wraps can be cut to size and tied around the neck and worn as a choker.


We’ve been thinking of different ways to display Nalu beads and we’ve come up with a cute key ring idea. Using a split ring you can use macrame to braid on your mum’s favourite beads. She can then attach her key ring to her house or car keys. Below are a few examples of different beads and colours to try out. Head over to our You tube channel to discover different braids to try out. You could try using different types of rings or clasps and attach to hand bags and purses.

Nalu Key Ring


Surf Key Rings


Macrame Plant Hilder

If your mum loves nature or gardening then have a go at making a bohemian Macramé plant holder with your mum’s favourite beads added. This is a fun make only requiring cord, beads and little bit of patience. Also you could try your hand at making a delightful dream catcher using an embroidery hoop, cord, ribbon, feathers and beads for those mum’s that like to dream.

Nalu Bead Dream catcher



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