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Where is your most romantic place to be? If you missed our latest Facebook competition, we asked this question to our fans. We’ve come up with some romantic destinations. Some offer solitude, amazing experiences, a touch of adventure or awesome vistas. Here are a few of our favourite destinations with bracelet ideas for you to check out.

Romantic Holiday


Romantic Holidays Maldives

If a romantic destination means seclusion and relaxation, then the Maldives is the place to be. The Maldives is well known as the perfect honeymoon retreat for good reason. No crowds, a peaceful setting and stunning white sandy beaches to explore. This is the place to rest and recover. Some islands have water villas set out in the ocean offering peace and privacy often with steps into the ocean or a hot tub on your deck. Pick a private boat that can ferry you to the best reef breaks and to get you to the very best views of these stunning islands. Snorkeling and diving are one of the best experiences, the warm waters hug you and stunningly coloured fish, and creatures such as Manta Ray’s leave you mesmerized in the deep blue.

Maldives France

For a little bit of adventure France offers some brilliant surf spots to try out. Anglet has 4.5km of beautiful beach surf-able all year round. This spot lies between “Landes” and the beginning of the Atlantic Pyrenees rocky coast. Biarritz is a picturesque city to explore and Hossegor has world-class A-frame waves when hitting the 6ft mark. You can meander through the pine forests and the breathtaking beaches with your other half once you’re surfed out.

South Africa holiday

South Africa is diverse and offers something for everyone for a romantic trip. Remote lodges, spas and tasty food are on offer. The wilderness provides the ultimate escape from people and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A safari will provide lifelong memories to share with your partner as you witness the most enchanting creatures on earth in their natural setting. Safari lodges provide an opportunity to share delicious dinners. This is an opportunity to indulge the senses. Remote locations, idyllic settings, enchanting forests and deep blue oceans offer variety for which ever suits you best. There are many pristine beaches to relax on and world class surf spots to surf. Jeffrey’s Bay backed with amazing flora and fauna has a stunning beach and has rides that can reach 800 metres long. If you’re into following the best surfers in the world, pick a time to head to Jeffrey’s Bay when big surfing events are on. Durban is another spot to head to with it’s consistent waves in the Indian Ocean. For the most stunning sunsets to share with your loved one and regular good surf, Cape St Francis is a great place to spend shared precious time.

South Africa Travel Bracelet brazil Brazil Bracelet

Brazil with it’s year round tropical sunshine, stunning landscapes and gorgeous beaches make this an ideal escape for couples. The city offers fab restaurants to spend some quality time with your loved ones and scenic parks to take romantic walks around. Rio is spectacular with its white sandy beaches and sunsets to admire from a quiet spot. Sugar Loaf Mountain can be reached by cable car and the views are unprecedented with Rio’s cityscape and wild jungle below. For the surfers out there Arpoador has a stunning backdrop to its clear waters enticing surfers in. This is one of Brazil’s surfing gems. Brazil may not have surf as good as Hawaii or Australia, but it has still raised great surfers such as Gabriel Medina and Carlos Burle. Grumari is perfect for all surfing abilities and has an unspoiled landscape surrounding it. Man-made developments around the beach are prohibited saving the magical feel of Grumri. Joatinga is great for relaxation and escaping, while locals flock to the white sands and jungle surrounds of Prainha. Surfing championships are often held at Itucoatiara as this has powerful waves, but be wary of the strong currents. So if you love surfing, absorbing local culture and enjoy feasting on gorgeous vistas, then Rio De Janeiro has a lot to offer for a romantic escape.


Are you California dreaming? For relaxed vibes and plentiful surf spots to choose from, California is a great choice for a romantic holiday. California has idyllic settings and a wonderful culture to immerse yourself in. Grab your gear, head out on an adventure and tour some of the greatest surf spots. Big Sur has a rugged coast to explore, wooded mountains with Redwood trees and water falls that you can hike to. Malibu is a well known spot for surfing close to LA and has a fun young vibe! If you love the taste of wine, explore the Napa Valley home to 400 wineries. Go for a vineyard tour and taste some of the best wines in the area. A  must is to explore the nearby natural wonders which include Half Dome, El Capitan and Yosemite Falls.

Californian Jewellery fiji


Fiji Jewellery

333 tropical islands make up Fiji and are set within the stunning South Pacific Ocean. This is the ultimate destination for weddings and honeymoons due to the impressive surroundings. Pristine beaches and coral gardens offer epic experiences and a lifetime of memories. The best diving spots in the world are situated here, including Rainbow Reef and Somosomo Straits. Also known as the Garden Isle and the third biggest island, Tavenuni is a must see romantic spot to adventure around. If trekking is your thing then you’ll treasure memories of roaming through tropical jungles, stunning waterfalls and through an array of wildlife. You can hike to a dormant volcano and drink up the view at the top, or relax on the white sandy beaches and paddle in crystal clear warm waters. Bouma Falls is an iconic waterfall in Fiji and fresh water swimming pools await for sun soaked bodies. Des Voeux Peak has vibrant green jungles whist Lake Tagimaucia, a crater lake is an eyeopener set 823m above sea level.

Brazil holiday switzerland Hawaii Italy

If winter wonderlands are your thing then Italy has some great places to carve up the snow with your loved one. We’ve picked Cervinia, Cortina d’Ampezzo and Livigno in Italy as some of the best spots. Take in the breathtaking views of snow capped mountains and go for adrenalin pumped rides down the slopes. Apres ski you can spend long evenings together dinning and warming hands by the fire.


Seclusion and gorgeous vistas await you in Scotland. Scotland has a place to stay for everyone whether you like a more rustic, back to nature bolt hole or something more luxurious. Pretty country cottages, loch-side converted boat houses are a couple of options. Glamping is also a possible idea if you want a little bit of luxury and space to yourself. Scotland has vibrant citys with bustling bars and fine dining and history to delve into. If you prefer more of an escape and more adventure head out into the amazing rural landscapes, beaches, mountains and glens. Touring the Hebrides has the potential for you to depart from everyday life and to spend quality time with the other half. The Outer Hebrides is untouched and undeveloped with bright white sandy beaches to plod along and crystal clear blue icy waters to dip your toes in. If you want to up the pace then give cycling, kayaking and surfing a try. Scotland has chilly waters but the surf can make up for this. Some of the islands like the Shetlands have treasured archaeological sites to explore if history is your thing. Due to the lack of development on many of the islands there is an abundance of wildlife including Puffins, Gannets and Kittiwakes.

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