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Valentine's Day Jewellery

Across many parts of the world St. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th. It’s a day where cards, flowers and gifts are exchanged between those who are in love. But why do we celebrate this day? One legend suggests that Emperor Claudius II thought that soldiers should be single. His decision was based on the thought that soldiers were better at their job if they didn’t have a wife or family. Young men were therefore forbidden to marry. A priest called Valentine continued to marry couples in secret. However, once Claudius discovered this, he was outraged and wanted Valentine to be killed as a result. There are various other explanations and so the legend of St. Valentine’s is still a mystery today.

As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner we thought we’d pick beads that use the colours of love. Of course we instantly thought of pinks and red, so we’ve put together a selection of our favourite pink and red beads from both our snow and surf collections.

Jewellery St. Valentine's Day

Japan has some of the most stunning sights, so we took inspiration from the romantic cherry and plum tree blossoms and of course the ancient art of Japanese calligraphy. This bead has soft pink spots to represent the blossoming trees and uses a Maraschino red to depict the red dot on the Japanese flag.

Rhossili, a less exposed beach than Llangenith uses a deep red hue which was inspired by the colour of the red dragon on the Welsh flag. A new royal badge made in 1953 with the red dragon had a welsh saying roughly translated to the phrase ” the red dragon inspires action”. Red evokes strong emotions. it’s powerfull and passionate colour so fits well with the Valentine’s Day theme this month.

Which food produces and aphrodisiac effect? Oh that’ll be an Oyster. We couldn’t miss picking our Oysters bead to make us think of the month of love. The goddess of love, Aphrodite would appaer out of a half shell out of the sea in ancient greek mythology, so perhaps that’s one reason why oysters and love go together. The elusive Oysters break sits far off Downend, Croyde. This Oyster bed inspired the shapes and colours for the Oysters bead.

Italian Snow Resorts

Molokai known as the “Friendly Isle” is a choppy spot for experienced surfers only. The baby pink we’ve chosen represents the beautiful flowers on this stunning island. The island of Maui, the second largest island in Hawaiian chain uses a warm red hue which also sparks thoughts of love. Again the local fauna and flora and rich hues from the volcanic rock from the “Valley Isle” have inspired us to use this shade.



Valentine's bracelets

Spekes picks up any swell on small days. This exposed, shallow rocky reef break is one of the most westerly breaks in Devon. Pretty pink hues, white and orange swirl to make this pretty bead stand out.

From our Snow bead colllection the Italian snow spots of Cervinia, Cortina d’Ampezzo and Livigno contain a cranberry pink Murano glass with some of the beads also using a soft violet shade, both of which are romantic hues.

Italy jewellery

Fistral is Britain’s capital for surfing and hosts many of Britain’s surfing competitions. Fistral set in stunning Cornwall receives swell from the Atlantic Ocean. The south end has a mellower vibe although in the summer visitors flock to the area to learn to surf and enjoy events such as the Boardmaster’s, where you can watch the best surfers competing or you can head off to nearby Watergate Bay for music. The Fistral bead has a vibrant blue contrasting with a fiery and passionate red orange colour that swirls around the bead.

If you like the romantic and passionate colours of red and pink head over to our Surf and Snow Collection.



Valentine's Day Jewellery

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