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Creative Week – Ideas for Mother’s Day Using Nalu Beads

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Surf Jewellery

No matter how many times you ask your mum or someone who takes the role of your mum, What would you like for Mother’s Day? Is the reply always “I don’t want or need anything”? Most mums are selfless and never want to be a burden and if they do hint to a gift it’s quite… Read more »

Romantic Destinations

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Romantic Jewellery

Where is your most romantic place to be? If you missed our latest Facebook competition, we asked this question to our fans. We’ve come up with some romantic destinations. Some offer solitude, amazing experiences, a touch of adventure or awesome vistas. Here are a few of our favourite destinations with bracelet ideas for you to check out.   If… Read more »

Jasmin Taylor Interview – Great British Telemark Skier

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Jaz Telemark

Jasmin Taylor caught our attention due to her talents in Telemark skiing. In the winter Jaz bases herself in stunning Charmonix, France and is currently working on hard training for the World Cup Season and 2019 World Championships. Her dedication, persistence and determination in the sport will hopefully see her through to great achievements in the future…. Read more »

Colours of Love – Inspiration Behind the Beads

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Valentine's Day Jewellery

Across many parts of the world St. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th. It’s a day where cards, flowers and gifts are exchanged between those who are in love. But why do we celebrate this day? One legend suggests that Emperor Claudius II thought that soldiers should be single. His decision was based on… Read more »