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Shades of Blue

Blue shades are an obvious choice for our beads, but there are such a broad spectrum of shades and different designs to try out that we can create a whole array of beads that differ from each other. Our most used pieces of Murano glass include the gorgeous shades of lapis cobalt, cobalt blue and light aqua. We love the colour blue as it reminds us of the sky and sea, both of which are mesmerizing as the shades of blue in a seascape change from minute to minute. Blue is associated with loyalty, strength, wisdom, stability and trust and therefore is a great colour for companies to use. As a reserved and quiet colour, blue can be beneficial to both mind and body as it can have a calming effect. This colour can provoke a lowering of the heart rate and body temperature. Intelligence, sincerity, creativity can also be related to this popular colour. We have these ideas about what the blue colour suggests in terms of feeling and meaning, but this can vary in different cultures and from person to person.

Light Blue – A paler shade of blue represents health, healing, understanding, tranquility and softness.

Dark Blue – A deep shade of blue is associated with professionalism, knowledge, integrity and power.

The colour blue is often preferred by men and this colour is well accepted as an appetite suppressor. Often people recognize the colour blue as sometimes being a cold colour related to sadness, alloffness and feelings of forlorn. It can feel quite distant, conservative and traditional, but we think this colour is one of our favourites and anything that reminds us of time spent gazing at the sea and sky is the greatest colour! If you love blue like we do, how about adding your favourite blue beads to blue coloured cord.

Blues shades


Murano blue glass

(Blue shades of Murano glass used for in lampworking.)

Blue Cord

(Blue shades of cord in 3m reels – turquoise shimmer, turquoise, mint, sky blue.)

Blue beads

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