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We’ve been looking for ideas to keep us healthy and motivated for the next coming months. We all know about setting new years resolutions. Some of us will reach our goals while others will give up most of theirs before the first month is over. The key is to set realistic goals that are attainable, but are not too easy to reach otherwise there’s no sense of achievement. How about trying an inspiration board giving a visual to all the things you want to achieve with inspirational words and written goals. Sharing your goals with others means there is more incentive to keep going with your new years resolutions as there will be someone who will check on your progress and steer you back on track if you start to give up.

Being more healthy or getting fitter are the most common ideas, but you could also look into being more creative. We have heard of people who have bought a new bead as a reward for meeting goals. A little something to remind you of how far you have come can be a great incentive to stop you slipping back into bad habits.

Surf Goals

The first few months of the year can be challenging in itself, so you could look at new years resolutions in a different way. Perhaps your resolution could be to make more time for family, to make time for yourself to relax and unwind or to find time to read. A new years resolution doesn’t have to be punishing or have a massive end goal. We need to feel momentum and small achievements in the early darker months in the UK to catapult us into spring. Making an inspiration board and writing down what we want to achieve could help us. An inspiration board in a physical form such as a cork board with inspirational words, goals and images of inspiring people or places would work best placed somewhere in your home that you pass frequently. You can use to create a inspiration board. You can pick different layout templates, add images and text and save and print your creation to stick to the fridge or put above your desk.

New year resolutions Surfing Goals

One simple resolution that anyone could do to be healthier is by taking a 30 minute walk everyday. Aim to get out in the daylight if possible and get out even if its raining. You’ll gain the physical and mental benefits of exercise with a healthy dose of vitamin D. A walk will give a gentle distraction from everyday worries. If you’re planning a surfing holiday this year then now is the time to start planning an exercise and food regime to get you as well prepared for surfing everyday. So in the bigger picture you may say you’d like to be able to “surf everyday for 3 hours in July 2018”. Break this end goal into smaller targets and make a plan to achieve those smaller targets. Use S.M.A.R.T to help you achieve your end goal.





Time bound

Your smaller targets may have to be re-evaluated if you achieve them too easily or they’re too hard to achieve and make your goals, whether short term or long term into a positive statement not a negative one. Go to the Surf Strength Coach for help on achieving any surfing goals.

New Years Resolutions

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