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Shades of Blue

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Blue Glass Jewellery

Blue shades are an obvious choice for our beads, but there are such a broad spectrum of shades and different designs to try out that we can create a whole array of beads that differ from each other. Our most used pieces of Murano glass include the gorgeous shades of lapis cobalt, cobalt blue and… Read more »

Beat the Blues – Boost Your Health and Wellbeing

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We’ve gathered a few ideas for beating the blues for the next coming months. Boosting your mood involves a good balance of things that make you feel good. This can be as simple as creating goals, getting involved in what you love and taking care of you mind and body. With goal setting, look to aspects related… Read more »

Favourite Winter Getaways – Snow & Sun

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Winter surf and snow

http://www.nalubeads.com/snow-beads/austria-snow/st-anton Swells from the open Atlantic ocean roll into the Canary Islands from three sides. The Canary Islands are home to powerful volcanic reef and point breaks that are comparable to Hawaii. These islands have lunar looking expanses due to the extinct volcanoes and arid rough terrain that protrudes out of the ocean. Pico de Teide, Tenerife… Read more »

New Year New Ideas to Keep Inspired and Healthy

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Inspiration Board

We’ve been looking for ideas to keep us healthy and motivated for the next coming months. We all know about setting new years resolutions. Some of us will reach our goals while others will give up most of theirs before the first month is over. The key is to set realistic goals that are attainable,… Read more »