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2017 has been a wonderful year for covering new surf and snow spots. We’re grateful that our Nalu fans have embraced our silver collections. 2017 has seen macramé make a come back. We’ve seen it in wall hangings, plant holders and lots more. We’re embracing creativeness as a way to chill out and we hope you’ll still enjoy making macramé bracelets in 2018.

We’ve delved into the snow world by bringing you snow spots from Canada to Italy. Our designer Emma has been researching and developing these new snow beads with local bead making artisan Sarah. We think they’re a hit and are a beautiful addition to any bracelet. We love the window effect that’s been used in beads like Verbier, Switzerland and the unique frit blends used in beads such as Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy.

Swiss beads Surf Gifts

We welcomed our Nalu Limited Edition Summer 2017 bead to celebrate an amazing 2017. By making only a handful for 2017 we hope to make this an even more special bead. We hope to bring one out each year to earmark a wonderful year filled with adventures and fun! The Nalu summer bead is an intricate bead inspired by oceans and blue skies. We’ve used blue hues and carefully built up layers of glass that resemble petals, and then encased it in clear glass. Decreasing layers of dots are then carefully placed on the surface of the bead to give decoration and depth. Wherever Summer 2017 took you remember it with this gorgeous Summer ’17 bead!

Summer limited edition beads


Nalu Silver has been a massive success for 2017. We’ve managed to express our love of travel with beads such as the Nalu Silver Compass. What’s wonderful about this bead is we’ve incorporated a local North Devon artist’s design of a compass. It makes this piece that little bit more unique from other travel jewellery. You can find pieces of Emily Hamilton’s surfy and whimsical art on Etsy.

Adventure jewellery

Our Chime Balls that have been handmade in Bali from 925 silver were a great addition to our silver collection. Chime balls hold different meanings and names through different cultures, but they all contain a small bell inside that emits a soft chime sound which is believed to bring the wearer a sense of calm and harmony like listening to the sound of softly breaking waves onto a sandy shore. This piece makes a great addition to a bracelet, necklace or anklet.

Bali Silver

We look forward to sharing in the new year further creations to wear. See you in 2018!

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