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Bohemian Wall Hanging

Fancy trying out a new creative project using cord and any Nalu beads you have lying around the house? This is a great quick little project to try out over the festive break. Macrame has made a come back recently and bohemian styling especially in homes is making a come back, so we’ve decided to try out a bohemian wall hanging using Nalu beads. First you will need to find a suitable piece of wood to tie on your cord. You could simply use a piece of doweling or better still a piece of drift wood or a tree branch.

For this wall hanging you will need:

A piece of driftwood. This piece is around 20 cm long taken form Saunton beach.

6 x 2m shimmer sand cord.

6 x 1.2m shimmer sand cord.

You can use any beads including spacer beads and silver. Here we have used 4 x Rell, Oysters, Quad (discontinued), Lanai, Spekes, Livigno, Cervinia, Bude, Keep a Breast and Widemouth Bay.

First attach your cord to your piece of driftwood. Here we’ve added 6 braided pieces. For each braid take a 2m piece of cord and a 1.2m piece of cord and fold in half. Hold the two loops together and tie onto your driftwood.

Next start braiding. For this wall hanging we’ve used a combination of the classic braid as shown in this video and the wave braid shown in this video. To make yours your own, try different beads and mix in different braids. You could also try out a simple knot  and woven braid.

Nalu Wall Hanging Bohemian Wall hanging

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