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Snowflake facts

We couldn’t resist making a Snowflake Toggle to compliment our snow bead collection. Our Snowflake Toggles can be used on both necklaces and bracelets and make taking your jewellery on and off easier and they look beautiful too! Once you have braided your jewellery simply tie a knot and thread on your Snowflake Toggle. Leave about an inch of space, tie another knot and cut off any excess cord. This means you can adjust your jewellery more easily. You could also try sliding your toggle onto a bracelet so that it hugs your bead as shown below.

Snow has an uplifting quality due to its brightness and is enjoyed by many who take part in snow sports. Snowflakes are the most mesmerizing and beautiful creations from nature. They are made up of lots of snow crystals attached to each other and are created when water vapour freezes. Sleet is frozen raindrops and is commonly confused as being snowflakes. With snowflakes water droplets freeze becoming ice particles within clouds. Water vapour assembles on the ice particle and this creates a hexagonal prism as it stretches. Branches shoot off and more complex shapes are formed to make stunning sculptures made by nature.

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Jewellery Snowflake

Each snowflake shape varies as both temperature and dampness affect the overall shape. Snowflakes are large and complex looking in environments at freezing point. In extreme cold, simple needle and rod shaped snowflakes form and the snow as a whole will have a fine powdery quality. More often than not you will have to take a close look to see a snowflake, but the largest snowflake found was recorded to be 15 inches wide and 8 inches thick.

Snow heart

Snowflakes appear to be white, but in actual fact they are clear. They appear to be white because a snowflake has lots of sides, resulting in diffuse reflection of the entire light spectrum. Snow usually falls between a gentle 1-4 mph. Diamond Dust crystals is the name given to the tiniest snowflakes which are as wide as the diameter of a human hair.

Snowflake formation


Snowflake facts

Get your Snowflake Toggle here.

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