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Winter is coming, so get your heart pumping by going for surfs, taking walks and heading out for adventures. Then get rid of the winter chills by getting cosy at home with a brew in hand. Winter makes us think of cold crisp whites and rich warm copper tones and berry pinks. We’ve put together bracelets to celebrate the new season. Get ready for winter and alter your Nalu bead jewellery to include popular snow spots and resorts. Be inspired by snow filled skies, stormy grey seas and winter berries.

winter jewellery

Warm Pink Snow Bracelet 

Our Ice Spacers and Clear Glass spacers give us that wintry feel and look great with bright coloured snow beads nestled between them. We’ve used cranberry, pale pinks and icy looking beads for a warm feminine winter look. To shop the look click on the items below.



Pink plaited leather and silver carrier with a Nalu Clasp

Silver stopper beads

Ice Spacers (these come as a set of 3)

Winter Jewellery

Brighten and warm up your winter by using vibrant orange cord for your bracelet (pictured above) or wear snow spot beads (pictured below) which stand out against black or white cord.

Snow Jewellery

Toasty Hot Pink Snow Bracelet

A hot pink will liven up any dull wintry day. The Italian Cervinia bead has a shot of hot pink and contrasts nicely with our white Moguls bead and moody Mont-Tremblant bead.

Snow Resort Bracelet




Hot pink rubber and silver bracelet

Stopper beads

Nalu Clasp



Nalu Jewellery

Tan, orange and brown echo the colours found in nature over the autumn and winter months. These colours are complimented by wearing toasty clothes in mustard and earthy tones.

Silver jewellery

Grey Winter Bracelet

This bracelet uses a stomy grey coloured rubber and silver bracelet and spacer beads with a hint of cranberry, pale pinks and jade green. The frit blend used in the Cortina d’Ampezzo snow bead lifts the spirits and makes us think of this snow spot and winter berries found around wintry Europe. The matte grey pebble spacers nod to cold pebbly beach breaks with moody skies and rough seas

Snow Bead Jewellery

Cortina d’Ampezzo

Pebble spacers

Grey rubber and silver bracelet

Stopper beads

Nalu Clasp

Nalu jewellery

Silver Jewellery


Layer up your winter look using a Nalu Clasp and Plaited Silver and Leather carriers which give a little texture to your look (pictured above). A turquoise bracelet adds a needed bright accent of colour to lift our mood for those grey gloomy days. Pictured below model Lex Balladon wears a chunky turquoise bracelet. Follow our Macrame videos to weave your own bracelet. The bracelet below uses the Classic Weave but with the cord doubled up.

Nalu beads jewellery

Autumn Orange and Tan Bracelet

We’ve put together a warm subtle bracelet encompassing orange and tan colours. Our Tan Plaited Leather and Silver carrier makes us think of autumn coloured leaves while our Whisler bead and ice spacers makes us think of snowy vistas and icy paths.

Snow Jewellery


Ice spacers

Tan plaited leather and silver bracelet

Stopper beads

Nalu clasp

Pop together your own winter inspired bracelets to match the stormy, moody skies or to lift your spirits with warm coloured tones or vivid berry colours. Make yours to remind you of our own unique winter adventures .




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