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With Jackson Hole we decided to use our own frit blend (a mix of shards of different coloured glass) of translucent blue and a pastel red. The blue colours were chosen to represent the the blue skies, while we used a pastel red in the frit blend to signify the tram used in the valley. We’ve used a window effect which gives the bead a 3D look. We achieved this by adding a clear glass over the base bead and frit blend, and then added white glass at either side of the bead. Jackson Hole is a valley in Wyoming and is named after the Virginian trapper David Edward Jackson. This remarkably beautiful spot has lots of excellent back country free riding and challenging terrain.

American Snow Beads

(Pictured form top to bottom – Mammoth Mountain, Aspen and Jackson Hole.)

snowy mountains

Aspen is a city in Colorado, United states and is nestled between the Rocky mountains and Elk mountains. This city started off as a silver mining camp and is named after the Aspen trees in the area. Aspen changed over time into a wealthy city. Boutiques, restaurants, bars and a great nightlife make this a buzzing city to be a part of. The four ski areas in Aspen are collectively known as the Aspen Snowmass. Aspen has dramatic and stunning scenery and a sense of excitement. It’s longest run reaches 4.83km and 103km. This spot offers lots to visitors with powder tours on luxury Snowcats so that you can reach fresh tracks, snowshoe tours and yoga. In 2017 the Audi FIS World Cup Finals will grace this popular ski and snowboard area. We decided a bubble bead would would be great to represent this city. Each bubble bead is unique. The bubbles are formed by rolling the hot bead in a small amount of a secret ingredient. Our designer choose to then cover the bead in a dark lavendar glass to mimic the lights shinning over the city and mountain at night.

Sunset mountains

Mammoth Mountain also has a window effect, as used in the Jackson Hole bead. A black base was chosen to represent lava as Mammoth Mountain in California. There is a volcano situated here that still active today! Eruptions form 57,000 – 110,000 years ago have created lava domes, which is a feature of a volcano, caused by lava erupting effusively. Dave McCoy first found this ski area which runs along the east side of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. People love to use the world renowned Super Pipe and Super-duper Pipe. Of all the Californian resorts, Mammoth has one of the highest summits. This means this idylic spot has deeper, better quality snow for snow sports. With the addition of white to the bead representing the snow and the black representing the lava, this bead has a striking design. Bubbles were added to the bead by using a sharp tool pressed into the hot glass. Our designer wanted to create this effect to indicate the iconic gondala ride. This ride provides panaoramic vistas over Sierra Nevada peaks and San Joaquin River Valley.


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Jackson Hole

Mammoth Mountain



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