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We’re excited to share with you our latest release – Snow Beads. We’ve included into this collection well loved snow locations and snow environmental terms. Below are the latest beads to be released using snow related terms such as powder, moguls, white out and glacier. Each bead has been thoughtfully designed and the qualities of Murano glass work well to represent our Snow Collection and the different environmental conditions or surfaces.


Snow Beads

Our Glacier bead is beautifully simplistic using a white base bead, rolled in sparkling mica powder with a clear casing. A glacier often has a covering of snow that skiers and snowboarders love to carve turns on. A glacier is a fascinating mass of dense ice that moves under it’s own weight.

glacier A photo by Maxime Staudenmann.

A white out is a common weather condition. Visibility is reduced during heavy snowfall making riding on the snow dangerous. Our White Out bead has an opaque look to represent how a white out would look. We’ve used a simple mix of white and clear glass. By turning and heating the glass bead in a flame the two glasses mix, providing a swirling pattern.

White Out

Moguls are bumps that are created on the hill of a snowy surface. Competitions are held in Mogul skiing which is a form of freestyle skiing. The course is often steep and involves speed and technical manoeuvres. A large base bead is made and then using an instrument called a pin frog, texture can be created to mimic the moguls. A clear glass is used to encase the bead with more bubbles added to increase texture.

We love our frit beads. Frit is tiny shards of Murano glass that we sometimes make up into a blend of different coloured shards that we then roll onto a hot bead. The Powder bead that we have created is made up of a white bead which is then rolled in sky bue frit. Once the bead has returned to room temperature we can then tumble the bead. This produces a lovely matte finish. Powder is untouched, newly fallen snow. This is a great surface for snow sports and is a perfect surface to try new tricks and control speed.



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