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Nalu compass

We wanted to create a new traveller’s talisman, the Nalu Silver Compass, which we’ve put a lot of thought into. The shape of the Nalu Compass bead was important to us. We decided to create a circular bead as a circle represents feminine spirit or force. We think that nalu’s followers are strong and athletic types, each with a love for the ocean, waves, surf spots and with a strong feeling for adventure and exploration.  Symbolically the compass truly represents the spirit of Nalu, depicting travel and adventure.

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The compass evolved over time to help travellers find their way. Originally the magnetic compass was invented around 1050 BCE to be used for feng shui to create the “right environment” and was then later used to help navigate. This new version of a traveller’s talisman could act similar to a St. Christopher, to offer protection whilst travelling. Talismans are often objects that are believed to have magical properties, provide good luck, prevent harm and protect from evil. A talisman’s power is also said to “increase with intention”. If someone who cares deeply about you gives it to you, its power is said to be stronger. Talented, local artist, Emily Hamilton had already created a compass drawing for us, which we then used on our silver compass bead. “N” and “S” are engraved on the bead to indicate north and south and “be free” is engraved on the opposite side to the compass engraving. The Nalu Silver Compass can look equally good on either our coloured cords or our silver and leather bead carriers.


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