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Nalu Silver Compass – A New Traveller’s Talisman

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Silver Compass jewellery

We wanted to create a new traveller’s talisman, the Nalu Silver Compass, which we’ve put a lot of thought into. The shape of the Nalu Compass bead was important to us. We decided to create a circular bead as a circle represents feminine spirit or force. We think that nalu’s followers are strong and athletic types,… Read more »

Valentine’s Day Competition and “Show the Love” Campaign

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Show The Love Campaiign

Valentine’s Day Competition Valentine’s Day is looming and this month we’re sharing the love and giving away two Nalu bracelets. The winner will get to keep one bracelet for themselves and another bracelet to share with a loved one or special friend, or you could keep both for yourself!!! We’ve made a black plaited bracelet with our Perfect… Read more »

Ocean & Surfing Quotes

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Croyde wave

Here at Nalu we love to be inspired by surfers, artists and anyone who is passionate about what they do and have a love for the ocean. We’ve collected a few quotes from these interesting characters sharing their take on how they feel about the ocean, waves and surfing. “Its always changing, but you always… Read more »