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Coconut Kisses

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Ann's Cottage Competition

(Photo Credit – Mikala Wilbow) Coconuts are often found bobbing about in tropical seas such as the Indian Ocean, to be finally washed ashore. The use of coconut oil has almost become a craze. Not only can it be added to food, but has endless beauty uses, and the best bit of all is it’s… Read more »

Electric Seas and Fireflies

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Bioluminescent Waves

(Cool blues in the white wash. Image provided by Chad Adjamian¬†under the creative commons license. The original image can be viewed here.) Commonly discovered in warm tropical lagoons, swathes of dazzling electric blue water can be seen at night on beaches across the world. So what is this phenomena found in the sea causing similar… Read more »

Cromer Competition Winning Bead Design

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Cromer, Norfolk bead

  Congratulations to Juliet Price Thomas who created the winning bead design for Cromer in Norfolk. Nalu Beads were contacted earlier this year by Wet Dog surf shop who wanted¬†to run a competition to create a bead to represent Cromer. Check out Juliet’s reasoning behind the colours and shapes she had chosen to make us… Read more »