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Join Our Nalu Summer Workshops.

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Summer Festivals

  Would you like some guidance in making your very own Nalu jewellery piece? Our summer workshops are taking place at festivals and shops in Devon and Cornwall, so come and join in if you’re near by or at Somersault festival or Boardmasters festival. Somersault Festival How about creating the ultimate headdress, crazy barefoot sandals, anklets… Read more »

Emma’s WANDERLUST Anklet

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Wanderlust encompasses restlessness, itchy feet and an urge to to travel. Adventurers, backpackers and travelling surfers know that feeling of the build up of excitement before embarking on the trip of a lifetime. Exploring and travelling can be life changing, immersing yourself in new experiences and moving yourself out of your comfort zone of home. Many… Read more »

Embellishing Bodies. Mehndi At Somersault Festival.

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Henna designs

Embellishment is a way of making a person or object attractive with the addition of decoration or ornamentation. From subtle, to striking and flamboyant creations, tatoos and mehndi are popular methods to this day of emebellishing our bodies. (Image provided by Izzah Zainab under the creative commons license. The original image can be viewed here.)… Read more »