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My Coast, My Special Place – Team Rider Jada Thomas

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Nalu Beads caught up with our talented and awesome team rider, Jada Thomas, to get an insight into her connection to the coast, her favourite pastimes and what brings her the most happiness at the beach. We discover what “don’t be a tea bag Jada” means and her first memories of being at the beach…. Read more »

Nalu Ripple Bracelet

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Looking for a new bracelet design? Here’s a guide to making a Nalu Ripple bracelet. This uses the classic Nalu macrame knots with a weave of a different colour to add interest. What You Will Need 1 x 2 metre thong. We’re using turquoise cord. 2 x 1 metre thong – We’re using one piece… Read more »

Emily Hamilton Interview

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Cross Step

Nalu Beads caught up with the talented Emily Hamilton, a freelance illustrator and a firm favourite artist of Nalu Beads. She kindly gave up some time to answer some of our questions. We love our Nalu Beads gift voucher which uses Emily’s Afternoon Glass surf girl illustration as shown below. A graduate of St Andrews… Read more »