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The New Nalu Beads Gift Box

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Its finally here! thank-you for all the positive feedback saying how much you love our new Nalu Beads gift box! We have to say we love it too!! Our cleverly designed nalubeads box looks great and will be supplied with every bead purchase, whether you buy just one bead or a whole collection, it will… Read more »

SurfGirl – Festival Spread (June Edition)

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Check out Nalu Beads in this month’s SurfGirl magazine. Festival madness, you’ve gotta love it! Three days of tramping around, listening top your favouite bands. It’s what summer was made for.

Just The Bead – As Featured in SurfGirl Magazine (April Editon)

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A couple of ocean loving art students Lisa Adams and Kerry Mansfield had been talking about working on a collaborative project for years. Then Kerry taught herself to make glass beads and Nalu Beads was formed. SurfGirl asked Lisa about their venture. What was the inspiration for Nalu Beads? Where we live is our inspiration….we… Read more »