Surfers, adventurers and snow sport enthusiasts love the idea of being immersed in their hobby and sometimes that means making homes reflect that love for the outdoors. We love our clothes to reflect our love for the sea whether that’s wearing that favourite blue coloured dress, a piece of clothing you picked up on your travels to… Read more »

There is more to it than just a name. Many Cornish place names have a certain charm and use a language which fits in with the Brythonic group. The Celtic lands of Cornwall has a distant relationship with the language of Scots Gaelic, Irish Gaelic and Manx. You might have noticed that the place names… Read more »

Our creative duo Emma and Sarah help create our gorgeous beads. Emma our designer helps design our beads and then every so often Emma and Sarah meet and try out some designs. Sarah has a studio just down the road from us in Braunton so is our go to especially for making our custom Sand… Read more »

Surfing Medicine aims to share knowledge, educating coastal and surfing communities about healthy living, lifesaving and injury prevention. The World Conference 2018 was held in surfing hub of Newquay, Cornwall from Monday the 24th to 28th September. A collaboration of highly regarded athletes, environmental campaigners and people with strong scientific backgrounds came together to create… Read more »

. We’re reminiscing about carving turns on snow laded slopes and feeling the icy nip in the air pressing on our faces. Two more Snow beads have just arrived, including Tignes and Morzine. Our snow collection has been conjured up by thinking of icy mountains and snow pistes from around the World! 5 villages make up the… Read more »

  There’s a reason why Cornwall is visited by so many people and why people choose to move here. The sea is quietly inviting in the summer and in the winter there is a draw to be invited in by the stormy seas and Atlantic swells. Whether you’re a surfer, walker or wave watcher, there… Read more »

We’ve created a trio of beads called the Harbour Village Trio encompassing some of the most lovely spots in Cornwall. Polperro is a quaint fishing village sheltered by cliffs and dotted with small Cornish cottages. This little village can be found on the South East coast of Cornwall and has gorgeous independent shops and cafés… Read more »

  Combine one of these beautiful new beads with your current beads to make a gorgeous collection! The Ocean bead is inspired by nature and the corduroy lines of swell. We’ve captured the views as you stare out to sea as the sets roll in on a solid swell. Lines of waves push into stunning… Read more »