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Check out our  guide to help you put together a bracelet using our latest silver and leather pieces. 1. Firstly pick your carrier. You can either have a solid silver Tulang Naga bracelet or pick one of our plaited leather and silver bracelets. Bracelets come in small, medium, large, and extra large in some colours. You… Read more »

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Holly Shoebridge is our latest favourite discovery, a talented artist and photographer from the Australian coast. Holly takes stunning photos and also cleverly combines photos with paint, a feast for the eyes with its ethereal quality. Only a few photographers and artists acheive it, but the best out there provoke feelings in the viewer. With her dreamy… Read more »

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  Seen as the surf capital of Portugal, Ericeira is part of the World-class Surfing Reserve, alongside the famous surf spots of Malibu, Santa Cruz and Australia’s Manly Beach. Within an 8 km stretch of stunning sun baked coastline, there are a chain of 15 breaks. We designed a bead made up of Medium Lapis… Read more »

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Father’s Day is fast approaching and Nalu could be a great gift option for that special man in your life! Our Murano glass and silver beads are a lasting gift and you can keep adding to a bracelet as more memories are created. You could choose a bead that represents a beach that holds special… Read more »

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Most of us are happy to go surfing whenever we get an opportunity and we want to just get in the water to have fun. However, you may find that your surfing hasn’t improved and you feel stuck surfing the same way every session. Surfing in particular is a difficult sport at the best of… Read more »

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(Central image credit – Swilly There’s much more to surfing than just catching wave after wave and paddling. Once you look around you there are many natural wonders to notice and sometimes spectacles that people who don’t surf may never see. Another reason that makes surfing such a special past time. While sitting out the… Read more »

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Melanie McDonald’s artwork caught our attention with its unusual style and links to the coast. She’s a great coast loving character who wanted to share with us her inspiration, dream projects and to delve into her links with the sea. Her paintings of Cornwall especially caught our eye. Melanie is “especially interested in the quality of light… Read more »

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We have three Moroccan delights available now, including Essaouira (yes we struggled pronouncing this one too), Anchor Point and Banana Beach. These are amazing surf spots to visit if you like to immerse yourself in a place far different from home. Morocco has an intriguing culture and magnificent landscapes to feed your senses. Morocco sits on… Read more »

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We’re getting ever closer to summer in the UK. If you’re keen to get on the beach at every moment, whether for a surf session or a family gathering at the beach, perhaps it might be nice to make a day of it with some delicious food to fuel you. If you’re far away from the… Read more »