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Big Wave Surf Spots Beads

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Nazrae big wave surf spot

Here’s the latest collection by Nalu. A set of beads representing the majestic big wave spots around the globe. Each big wave spot needs its own specific collection of conditions to come together in order to break and be surfable. These waves are generally quite fickle, but when all the conditions are working together a small… Read more »

NEW DESIGNS – Jersey & Guernsey

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We’re loving the latest bead designs including the stunning Jersey and Guernsey Nalu beads. Each bead has been lovingly designed to represent each island with both beads sharing the same frit blend, a mix of different coloured shards of glass that the beads are rolled in. As the largest of the Channel Islands sat between… Read more »

Snow Beads America

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American Snow resorts

With Jackson Hole we decided to use our own frit blend (a mix of shards of different coloured glass) of translucent blue and a pastel red. The blue colours were chosen to represent the the blue skies, while we used a pastel red in the frit blend to signify the tram used in the valley…. Read more »

NEW BEADS – Snow Beads Canada

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Canadian Mountains

We’re excited to finally show off our latest bead collection – Snow Beads. We’ve been busy creating a cohesive collection of beads that represent popular snowboarding and skiing spots in Austria, America, France and Canada. We have also designed four beads that represent snow related environmental terms. Colours, ingredients and finishes are carefully chosen for each… Read more »

Devon & Cornwall Silver Coastline Beads

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The Silver Devon Coastline bead has an engraved line that represents the sea meeting the land and is taken from a tracing of a map which has then been reduced in size to fit the bead. The bead encompasses the coastline from Woolacombe to Saunton Sands. We’ve used Sterling 925 Silver creating a piece of… Read more »

Huntington Beach, California

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californian surf spot

Huntington Beach, California is the next World Surf League stop off. This will be the Vans US Open of Surfing held between July 25th to the 31st for women competitors. This Orange County surf spot is a beach break, suitable for beginners through to expert surfers. If you’re brave enough to “shoot the pier” which… Read more »

Steps To Creating Your Unique Bracelet

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Unique Nalu Bracelet

Check out our  guide to help you put together a bracelet using our latest silver and leather pieces. 1. Firstly pick your carrier. You can either have a solid silver Tulang Naga bracelet or pick one of our plaited leather and silver bracelets. Bracelets come in small, medium, large, and extra large in some colours. You… Read more »

Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

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Nalu Mens Jewellery

Father’s Day is fast approaching and Nalu could be a great gift option for that special man in your life! Our Murano glass and silver beads are a lasting gift and you can keep adding to a bracelet as more memories are created. You could choose a bead that represents a beach that holds special… Read more »

Moroccan Delights – The Latest Moroccan Bead Arrivals

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camels Morocco

We have three Moroccan delights available now, including Essaouira (yes we struggled pronouncing this one too), Anchor Point and Banana Beach. These are amazing surf spots to visit if you like to immerse yourself in a place far different from home. Morocco has an intriguing culture and magnificent landscapes to feed your senses. Morocco sits on… Read more »