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How to Wear a Nalu Wrap

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Leather Wraps

Our leather wraps are the easiest way to wear you Nalu Beads and are priced at £14.95. Simply push on your beads, wrap around your wrist, ankle or neck, push one end through the cut end, tie and cut to size. You don’t have to un-knot your wrap each time you take it off, the… Read more »

Support Our Charities

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It’s Love Your Planet Week! Celebrate the environmental charities we support. Our charity beads are gorgeous and the money donated from each sale is helping their cause. You can also help support our selected charities in other ways. You could join a beach clean, volunteer, sign a petition, fundraise or leave a gift in your… Read more »

Candy Coloured Jewellery

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Colourful jewellery

Love candy colours? They’re cheerful, fun and oh so summery! Look to tropical plants and native flowers for an array of colours to pick inspiration from and check out some of our candy coloured jewellery ideas for inspiration. Everything goes, even clashing colours are becoming popular and the the bolder the better. These candy colours are… Read more »

Shades of Blue

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Blue Glass Jewellery

Blue shades are an obvious choice for our beads, but there are such a broad spectrum of shades and different designs to try out that we can create a whole array of beads that differ from each other. Our most used pieces of Murano glass include the gorgeous shades of lapis cobalt, cobalt blue and… Read more »

A Look Back On Our Favourite Jewellery From 2017

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2017 has been a wonderful year for covering new surf and snow spots. We’re grateful that our Nalu fans have embraced our silver collections. 2017 has seen macramé make a come back. We’ve seen it in wall hangings, plant holders and lots more. We’re embracing creativeness as a way to chill out and we hope you’ll still… Read more »

Big Wave Surf Spots Beads

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Nazrae big wave surf spot

Here’s the latest collection by Nalu. A set of beads representing the majestic big wave spots around the globe. Each big wave spot needs its own specific collection of conditions to come together in order to break and be surfable. These waves are generally quite fickle, but when all the conditions are working together a small… Read more »

NEW DESIGNS – Jersey & Guernsey

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We’re loving the latest bead designs including the stunning Jersey and Guernsey Nalu beads. Each bead has been lovingly designed to represent each island with both beads sharing the same frit blend, a mix of different coloured shards of glass that the beads are rolled in. As the largest of the Channel Islands sat between… Read more »

Snow Beads America

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American Snow resorts

With Jackson Hole we decided to use our own frit blend (a mix of shards of different coloured glass) of translucent blue and a pastel red. The blue colours were chosen to represent the the blue skies, while we used a pastel red in the frit blend to signify the tram used in the valley…. Read more »

NEW BEADS – Snow Beads Canada

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Canadian Mountains

We’re excited to finally show off our latest bead collection – Snow Beads. We’ve been busy creating a cohesive collection of beads that represent popular snowboarding and skiing spots in Austria, America, France and Canada. We have also designed four beads that represent snow related environmental terms. Colours, ingredients and finishes are carefully chosen for each… Read more »