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NEW Silver Ocean & Mountain Beads

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Silver Beads

  Combine one of these beautiful new beads with your current beads to make a gorgeous collection! The Ocean bead is inspired by nature and the corduroy lines of swell. We’ve captured the views as you stare out to sea as the sets roll in on a solid swell. Lines of waves push into stunning… Read more »

Cornwall County Bead

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chapel porth

  Introducing our new County beads…. Our latest collection to be created are our county beads. These are particularly special as they are our first beads to be handmade in England and only a handful are made at a time. Our county beads share the same design concept using two hues of the same colour… Read more »

UK Island Beads

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UK beads

We couldn’t resist adding a few more UK beads and we’ve decided on drawing on inspiration from the stunning islands that surround the UK. The islands that surround the UK are constantly met by sizeable waves due to low pressure systems out to sea. The ocean that sits around our green isles are far from… Read more »

NEW Swiss Snow Beads – Design Inspiration

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Swiss Snow Beads

Our latest Snow beads are inspired by the gorgeous Swiss snow resorts. We’ve included Davos, Verbier and Zermatt as pictured below which share gorgeous blue hues and a crisp white. Zermatt is a busy resort town in Switzerland that lies below the iconic Matterhorn peak. This town is renowned for great skiing, climbing and hiking. The… Read more »

NEW Snowflake Toggle

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Snowflake Toggle

We couldn’t resist making a Snowflake Toggle to compliment our snow bead collection. Our Snowflake Toggles can be used on both necklaces and bracelets and make taking your jewellery on and off easier and they look beautiful too! Once you have braided your jewellery simply tie a knot and thread on your Snowflake Toggle. Leave about… Read more »

Exciting New Nalu Bead Designs – Trebarwith Strand & Ibiza

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Nalu Beads

Ibiza is a destination known for holidays and a fantastic nightlife. This scenic island is the third largest of the Balearic islands that sit in the Mediterranean sea. Ibiza has some surf spots and is fantastic place to explore whist on a stand up paddleboard with gorgeous turquoise waters. This bold coloured bead has been… Read more »

Snow Beads Release

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Snow Terms

We’re excited to share with you our latest release – Snow Beads. We’ve included into this collection well loved snow locations and snow environmental terms. Below are the latest beads to be released using snow related terms such as powder, moguls, white out and glacier. Each bead has been thoughtfully designed and the qualities of… Read more »

Nalu Silver Perfect Wave Jewellery

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Jewellery Nalu Perfect Wave

Wading through wave imagery, it’s a hard life! our designer, Emma, came up with the Perfect Wave bead. We thought that a perfectly peeling, barrelling, a-frame wave would be a perfect wave, so we decided that rolling an a-frame wave around a tube shaped bead would be a winning design for a jewellery piece. Silver… Read more »