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The Women & the Waves – Filmmaker Heather Hudson Interview

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Surfer and Filmmaker Heather Hudson

Almost everyday the Californian film producer, Heather Hudson, surfs at her local beach. Heather is a talented and graceful longboarder who set up her own film company, Graciegirl LLC in 2007. Following the achievement of “the Women and the Waves” Heather has been part of the second installment, “the Women and the Waves 2”.  She gained a… Read more »

Shextreme Film Festival – Filmmaker Ruth Farrar

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Film Festival

For all those wild, adventuring types, the Shextreme Film Festival could be the next piece of cinematic inspiration to set you off on your next trip or to encourage your outdoorsy adventures. Director of the Shextreme Film Festival, Ruth Farrar, has brought the world’s first film festival to realization. This film festival is dedicated to… Read more »

Felicity Palmateer – Artist and Surfer

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We discovered the admirable Australian surfer and artist, Felicity Palmateer after watching her surf Cow Bombie in Australia. Her natural beauty, bohemian style and her talent for relentlessly pushing the boundaries in her surfing will hopefully inspire young girls. Her gorgeous art works include marine animals and intricate Mandala pieces which are often applied to surfboards. There’s a… Read more »

Wanderlust Interview With Surf Senioritas

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Surf Senioritas

We love hearing about intrepid travellers and adventuring types. Roaming and adventure seem to go hand in hand with surfing. To get to the best surf spot on a given day can sometimes involve impromptu travelling and many surfers have a strong desire to find that perfect peeling surf spot. We discovered Surf Senioritas who work on… Read more »

Progression & Enjoyment of Surfing

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Surfing tips

Most of us are happy to go surfing whenever we get an opportunity and we want to just get in the water to have fun. However, you may find that your surfing hasn’t improved and you feel stuck surfing the same way every session. Surfing in particular is a difficult sport at the best of… Read more »

Pre or Post Surf Boost – Energy Bite Recipe

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ENERGY Bites Recipe

We’re getting ever closer to summer in the UK. If you’re keen to get on the beach at every moment, whether for a surf session or a family gathering at the beach, perhaps it might be nice to make a day of it with some delicious food to fuel you. If you’re far away from the… Read more »

Need A Daydream? Surfing Photography

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Nalu under water

(Image provided by Warm Winds Surfshop under the creative commons license. The original image can be viewed here.) The water is a little chilly and murky in the UK at the moment, so we love to daydream of warm tropical water and majestic clear glassy waves. We crave that uplifting feeling of being warmed by the… Read more »

Festive Boost & New Year Detox – Smoothie Recipes

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how to seed a pomegranate

Christmas can be a time to relax with friends and family, however the build up to Christmas can be full of frantic shopping and extra commitments. Christmas day is full of cooking, entertaining, games and celebrating with alcohol which can leave us feeling a little delicate and susceptible to viruses. A smoothie can be a great… Read more »

Coconut Kisses

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Ann's Cottage Competition

(Photo Credit – Mikala Wilbow) Coconuts are often found bobbing about in tropical seas such as the Indian Ocean, to be finally washed ashore. The use of coconut oil has almost become a craze. Not only can it be added to food, but has endless beauty uses, and the best bit of all is it’s… Read more »