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Elma Pluim Macramé book.

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Elma Pluim Macramé

We had an exciting opportunity to be featured in a new book by Elma Pluim which covers tutorials on amazing bohemian macramé pieces. Her tutorials include the creation of bags, telephone covers, belts and Nalu bracelets. Pictured below is the front cover of the book with a gorgeous Nalu Snow bracelet that Elma has created…. Read more »

Festival Headdress Tutorial

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Festival Headdress

Get set for the festival season and make your very own headdress to wear at forthcoming festivals. Make your headdress unique by adding Nalu beads and some funky feathers. Embellish with anything from pompoms, scrap pieces of cord, shells and lace. Check out our guide below on how to make your own headdress for future festivals…. Read more »

7 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in 7 days

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Celebrating Earth Day brings our attention to conserving earth’s beauty and it’s health. Our current concern is the use of plastic on earth. Plastic contributes to landfill, is a hormone disruptor and can cause injury to marine life and animals on land. There is a push on increasing awareness on the destructiveness of plastic and educating people and businesses on… Read more »

Natural Wonders

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Traveling the world is on many people’s bucket lists. Some dream about it while others take the plunge at some point and fall in love with distant shores. The most common time to pursue travel are before embarking on university or before starting a new job, while others wait until retirement before planning their great adventure…. Read more »

Holiday Memories & Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

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Mother's Day Jewellery

Collecting beads to remind you of special memories spent at the beach or on the slopes is what Nalu is all about. Perhaps a new surf spot you’ve tried out made you love surfing even more or that snow trip you went on were full of laughs spent with your friends or family. They always say… Read more »

Jasmin Taylor Interview – Great British Telemark Skier

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Jaz Telemark

Jasmin Taylor caught our attention due to her talents in Telemark skiing. In the winter Jaz bases herself in stunning Charmonix, France and is currently working on hard training for the World Cup Season and 2019 World Championships. Her dedication, persistence and determination in the sport will hopefully see her through to great achievements in the future…. Read more »

Beat the Blues – Boost Your Health and Wellbeing

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We’ve gathered a few ideas for beating the blues for the next coming months. Boosting your mood involves a good balance of things that make you feel good. This can be as simple as creating goals, getting involved in what you love and taking care of you mind and body. With goal setting, look to aspects related… Read more »

New Year New Ideas to Keep Inspired and Healthy

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Inspiration Board

We’ve been looking for ideas to keep us healthy and motivated for the next coming months. We all know about setting new years resolutions. Some of us will reach our goals while others will give up most of theirs before the first month is over. The key is to set realistic goals that are attainable,… Read more »

MY Coast – Artist Spencer Reynolds

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Spencer Reynolds art

Spencer’s art creations have a strong influence from the coast. The ocean has certainly influenced and have weaved their way into many of his art pieces. His art work grabbed us due to his unique style and vivid colours, with one of our favourites being one that utilizes the grain from it’s wooden background to create texture…. Read more »

WANDERLUST Winter Travel

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Winter Travel

Winter is the perfect time to start exploring whether you love snowy mountains, snow sports or you love to escape and jet off to tropical countries for a spot of surfing and warm weather. Wanderlust has made us think about great places where you can get absorbed into local culture and enjoy the pleasures of warmer climates, bright… Read more »