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Jessica Pearson – Shimnix Films North Devon Filmmaker

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Jessica Pearson interview

Jessica Pearson is a local girl to us, a North Devon lady who has risen from adversity. During her teenage years ill health affected her dreams to be an actress, but this gorgeous lady has since flourished as a competent filmmaker always keen for her next creative project. Jess loves to support local artisans and… Read more »

The Women & the Waves – Filmmaker Heather Hudson Interview

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Surfer and Filmmaker Heather Hudson

Almost everyday the Californian film producer, Heather Hudson, surfs at her local beach. Heather is a talented and graceful longboarder who set up her own film company, Graciegirl LLC in 2007. Following the achievement of “the Women and the Waves” Heather has been part of the second installment, “the Women and the Waves 2”.  She gained a… Read more »

Shextreme Film Festival – Filmmaker Ruth Farrar

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Film Festival

For all those wild, adventuring types, the Shextreme Film Festival could be the next piece of cinematic inspiration to set you off on your next trip or to encourage your outdoorsy adventures. Director of the Shextreme Film Festival, Ruth Farrar, has brought the world’s first film festival to realization. This film festival is dedicated to… Read more »

Tim Jones – Surf School Lanzarote & Sri Lanka

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Tim Jones

We caught up Tim Jones, director of Surf School Lanzarote and Surf School Sri Lanka to delve into what he loves about coaching, why he surfs and how it’s changed his life. Tim has coached for many years and has coached women at top level surfing. He shares with us tips about transitioning to another level with… Read more »

Wanderlust Interview With Surf Senioritas

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Surf Senioritas

We love hearing about intrepid travellers and adventuring types. Roaming and adventure seem to go hand in hand with surfing. To get to the best surf spot on a given day can sometimes involve impromptu travelling and many surfers have a strong desire to find that perfect peeling surf spot. We discovered Surf Senioritas who work on… Read more »

MY Coast Interview with Franck Gazzola

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Bondi Australia

Paris born, Franck Gazzola, is not only a gifted wedding photographer based in Sydney, but is also a very talented seascape and landscape photographer. We have a lot of admiration for this guy and his photography! His interview answers have also been one of the most enjoyable to read through. Franck is keen to spread his… Read more »

Huntington Beach, California

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californian surf spot

Huntington Beach, California is the next World Surf League stop off. This will be the Vans US Open of Surfing held between July 25th to the 31st for women competitors. This Orange County surf spot is a beach break, suitable for beginners through to expert surfers. If you’re brave enough to “shoot the pier” which… Read more »

My Coast Interview with Holly Shoebridge

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Narrabeen Holly Shoebridge

Holly Shoebridge is our latest favourite discovery, a talented artist and photographer from the Australian coast. Holly takes stunning photos and also cleverly combines photos with paint, a feast for the eyes with its ethereal quality. Only a few photographers and artists acheive it, but the best out there provoke feelings in the viewer. With her dreamy… Read more »

Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

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Nalu Mens Jewellery

Father’s Day is fast approaching and Nalu could be a great gift option for that special man in your life! Our Murano glass and silver beads are a lasting gift and you can keep adding to a bracelet as more memories are created. You could choose a bead that represents a beach that holds special… Read more »