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Here’s the latest collection by Nalu. A set of beads representing the majestic big wave spots around the globe. Each big wave spot needs its own specific collection of conditions to come together in order to break and be surfable. These waves are generally quite fickle, but when all the conditions are working together a small number of brave and talented surfers will ride their faces while others will watch in amazement. Nazaré and Banzai Pipeline are both well known surf spots, while The Cribbar is a nearby spot in Newquay, Cornwall. Pictured below from left to right are The Cribbar,  Nazaré, Mavericks and Banzai Pipeline.

Nalu Beads Surf Spots

The Cribbar

The Cribber or widow maker as it’s often known as is situated off of the Towan headline in Newquay, Cornwall. This wave breaks over a reef creating around 30 ft waves. People from around the globe will come here to surf when conditions are ideal. It’s believed that Ric Friar was the first brave surfer to take on this big wave in 1966.

To create a cohesive collection of big wave beads our designer decided to use a particular technique to use on all of the beads. A mix of white, ink blue and dark lavender are heated to a very high temperature which enables the coloured glass to swirl together, forming what is known as a Gravity bead. The colours chosen hopefully convey the deep blue hues of the ocean in and around the big wave spot. A tiny amount of mica powder is also added to portray the pure magic of a big wave spot.


Nazaré is a town and well known seaside resort in the European country of Portugal. Swells pulse in far out into the Atlantic ocean bringing huge waves. 100ft waves have been known to flow to this surf spot and therefore has become the spot to travel to for big wave surfers and watchers. All of our big wave beads, including Nazaré are all gravity beads. This technique involves heating the glass bead to a high temperature allowing the glass to mix and swirl around the bead producing a unique and stunning pattern around the bead. Each bead has a slightly different pattern using this method, which makes each bead unique. The pattern created signifies the huge waves. For our Nazaré bead, our designer chose cobalt blue and light aqua glass to represent the blue colours from the ocean in this area. Because these massive waves require the perfect set of conditions to come together and only a small number of people will tackle these waves, they feel like they have a magic quality to them. We hope to have portrayed this by using an ingredient that creates a sparkle effect. Nazaré will be the setting for the Nazaré Challenge on the Big Wave Tour event. Due to the nature of the wave needing to be big on the day, the event will be held sometime between October 15th and February 28th.

Big Wave Surf Spot Nazare

Banzai Pipeline

Banzai Pipeline or Pipe as it is also known as, is a reef break off Ehukai Beach, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii. The hollow waves made and the fact that this waves breaks onto shallow reef makes this wave particularly dangerous and hard to ride. Pipeline is considered to be the most deadly wave in the world. Banzai Pipeline sits nicely within both our Hawaiian Collection and Big Wave Bead Collection. Again, using the gravity method to mix and swirl the different coloured glass around the bead we have represented the the big waves that thump onto the reef. We’ve added emerald and grass green to the bead to make it unique within the Big Wave Bead Collection.and have again added some sparkle to portray the magic of the wave. The Mens’ Championship Tour (CT) event will take place this year between December 8th to the 20th.

Nalu Big Wave Spot Nalu bead

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