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We’re loving the latest bead designs including the stunning Jersey and Guernsey Nalu beads. Each bead has been lovingly designed to represent each island with both beads sharing the same frit blend, a mix of different coloured shards of glass that the beads are rolled in.

As the largest of the Channel Islands sat between England and France, Jersey is well known for its stunning scenery and beaches. The quality of the surf is dictated by the groundswell generated in the Atlantic. Our designer was inspired by the beautiful scenery along the coastline, encapsulating the local fauna and flora. She chose to use a colourful frit blend that the molten hot bead is rolled in. This frit blend is unique to the Channel Island beads and is made up of aqua marine, emerald and yellow ochre glass, which is then melted onto the sky blue base bead.

Stinky Bay, Les Brayes and Plemont Beach are good surf spots to head to. Petit Port is Jersey’s big wave spot. This spot can hold barrels up to 5 metres and is reached by a well timed jump, off the slipway. Jersey has a rich and vibrant history with surfing. Jersey was once considered the surfing capital of Europe and was once a surfing mecca in the 1960’s and 1970’s, holding many European Surfing Championships. In the 1960’s the British Surf Team would ride boards at St Ouen’s Bay and the boards used were made by Freedom Surfboards created by Steve Harewood. These boards were one of the only surfboards made in Europe at the time. 1923 saw the first surf club in Jersey, which was set up by Nigel Oxenden. 

Jersey Nalu Bead

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Guernsey sits on the southern most point of the British Isles in close proximity of the Normandy coastline. Once again we used the frit blend used in the Jersey bead, but instead melted the frit onto a pea green glass that represents the lush green vegetation. When the conditions are right Guernsey can provide quality surf. Notable surfing areas include Perelle bay, Vazon Bay, Portinfer and Fort Le Marchant. Guernsey only measures 30 square miles so you are never far from the best surf at the time!

Guernsey Bead

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