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Nalu at the Roxy Event

Roxy pull together some of the best events to attend, getting like-minded women who care about health, fitness and wellbeing to get into new experiences and meeting new people. The #ROXYFITNESS event was launched in 2015 and has become a success over the years with over 16,000 participants taking part globally. This year Nalu were at the Belgium event this July (2017) which saw women and girls experiencing running, stand up paddleboarding and yoga. Enjoy some photos of the event below.
Fitness Roxy Belgium

IMG_4017 IMG_4016 IMG_4013 IMG_4014 Roxy Fitness Belgium IMG_4015 IMG_4020 IMG_4021 IMG_4027 IMG_4024 IMG_4029 Roxy Yoga


Run SUP Yoga


Roxy SUP



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