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NEW for 2017 is our first limited edition bead to celebrate summer. Each summer there will be a new bead to collect and only a limited number will be made. This years intricate bead is made up layers of blue hues to represent the blue skies and the ever changing blue shades of the sea. This bead is composed of layers of glass that resemble petals and then decreasing layer of dots are added to create depth. Each of our beads are carefully handmade so expect variations – that’s what makes each bead unique! To get your Summer 2017 bead head over here.

Limited Edition Summer 2017

Add some colour to your wrists for the new season! We have some gorgeous new limited edition bracelets ready for the spring and summer season. These bracelets are designed to work with all of the Nalu beads and our sea and travel inspired silver charms. Tan, pink and sea blue are available in the plaited leather and silver bracelet with a stitched option in a teal shade.

All of our silver and leather bracelets and necklaces have a specially designed screw end engraved with “nalu” and the swirl logo. Please note these bracelets need to be worn with a Nalu clasp and can be worn with a set of stopper beads to stop your beads and charms moving along the bracelet. They also look great layered up together! Adding a clasp will add 2cm onto the final length of your bracelet.

Silver and Leather Carriers

Please keep me dry! Leather is a natural product so care has to be taken to not get your leather and silver bracelet wet. Keep your bracelet clean, dry and check regularly for signs of wear and tear.

To view the new limited edition bracelet colours, head over to our shop here.


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